Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Knew

Who knew there was a whole 'nother world OUT there?  A SOCIAL world with new friends just waiting and even eager to to tag along and get to know you...a world where you could just be yourself and not be afraid to write about who are are and what you actually think about every moment of every day (even if you ARE a dog)?  Who knew?

I never knew... and I have to tell you that this whole new world that I've discovered has been amazing and overwhelming at the same time. 

First of all, and most importantly, the frustrating part has been that I can't seem to get any time on the computer to get my thoughts transcribed into posts.  Someone else is always hogging the keyboard.  They are always saying they have work to do, homework to finish, important news articles and stories to read. 

Another thing that this NEW world has brought is the pressure to  always look good and be photogenic.  They are always taking photos of me NOW and calling on me to perk my ears up just right or look up at them "just so"  when they are pointing that silly camera at me!  Frankly, it's getting a little out of hand!   Who knew they were going to get this crazy?  (well, you didn't really think that I could do EVERYTHING here on my own, did you?)

Who knew I was going to have to learn a whole new language called Twitter and even start a facebook page of my own ?  Who knew I would have to chase after other bloggers and do LOTS of research and "following" and commenting to JUST figure this all out and learn about the process? Who knew it was going to consume me?  

You might have (if you've been there!)  Who ever knew SHOULD have WARNED me!

Yep.  Some would say  HAVE SAID I've jumped off the deep end!  Last night I actually attended (well, mostly I sat idly by) my first TwitterParty.  Yep.  I said TwitterParty.  Didn't even know there WAS such a thing two months ago.  HAD NO IDEA or inkling what Twitter even was!  I have become SO worldly that it amazes even ME! 

Who knew THOUGH that in the process of GROWING and changing and learning that surprising (even astonishing) things would happen along the way?  New found strangers would become friends and might actually follow me to simply read my thoughts (and adventures) and share in JUST a little part of my everyday life!  Who knew? 

Who knew that OUT there would be another follower somewhere who SUDDENLY and SHOCKINGLY just lost a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier DOG just like me?....and that TONIGHT, in memory of that NEW found friend (whom I have never known or met) I would light a candle (simultaneously in a whole different time zone and part of the world) and put my paws together in prayer. 

Who knew?


  1. This post is dedicated to my new found "Friend in Heaven" Riley Jack

  2. Hi Scrappy,

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. There's been a lot of loss in the pet blogging community lately. :(

    And I can relate to all your "who knews"! New to blogging myself, I've been amazed at what a wild and wonderful world of woofs it is. But it sure is addicting. :)
    Best regards,

  3. Hey we're still pretty new to blogging, and I'm sure i've said before, I didnt start blogging (seriously) until around may this year. I still don't know how to tweet and I've been doing yuki and rockets facebook page. I think its really about knowing how to network while posting content people wanna read. At least, that's what I have noticed since I joined the blogging world. :)

  4. Joining the #pawcircle for Riley Jack *bows head*

    So lovely to have met you Scrappy! I'm glad you have started blogging and tweeting and facebooking....there are so many wonderful anipals out there <3

    M x x