Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The other day Scrappy was taken to the dog park by her mom!  For Fun.  Adventure.  To get some exercise...  and yes, to meet some new friends! . EXPERIENCE the new agility course.   Joy!    Amazing new things to try... To be free...show no fear and live in the moment!

It got the Scrapster wondering....why do you people have such an easy time socializing their dogs, but such a hard time socializing with their own human kind?  When puppies are growing, people want to show them off, so they  take them out for walks and in the car and downtown to get their confidence up, help them to accept new people, places, other animals, all sorts of new (and sometime scary) situations. 

With each new experience, a dog's confidence and ego gets boosted a little more,  they become more comfortable, well mannered, friendly and HAPPIER.  Dogs just learn to adjust to whatever social situation they are put in...( Especially if introduced on neutral turf) They will sniff each other and accept a new friend, just like that!  They have no fear, no insecurities, no reason to judge...Instead, they show pride and attitude and are SIMPLY respectful of uniqueness!     

People with other people, though...not so brave!  Oddly, their social time almost always revolves around food and beverage.  We dogs think you need to branch out a bit more and just be social for the sheer joy and happiness it brings.  Go on adventures!
Get out and exercise, go to new places, show off a little, surround yourself with others who accept you and like you for who you are... and respect you.  A little dog advice will go a long ways out there in the human world...simply love yourself.  And be nice.  Risk it a little and go out of your way to meet new friends.  (Get off leash every now and again.)  Greet each other with only kindness!  Use your best body language.    Be optimistic and believe in the good others.  Don't be anxious or nervous.  Listen and learn.  Behave.  (Use your best manners)  Be loyal and true.  Like the attention you are getting.  Try to have Fun and look for new experiences and challenges.   Exude confidence in each and every situation . Only meet on neutral ground.  SEE the goodness and feel the joy in just meeting a new found friend.  Just have (a little) faith that the way you smell is not at all offensive! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loyal in Love

So the Scrapster wants to know...Is there anything better than the love of a dog?  Seriously, who in your life can love you as loyally?  Worship you, Adore you, want to please you MORE?  Shadow your every move all day long and be there for you when you least deserve it?  Approach you in moments when no one else would DARE?  Lay down their life for you (if it ever became necessary!)  Kiss you.  Hug you.  Rescue you.  (By the way, only possible because Dogs can read your mood like a book.)     It's a gift, really.  A truly wonderful gift.  Dogs SENSE when you need a little peace and sanity, they NUDGE you when you need to be distracted, and somehow know exactly how to lift you out of sadness and grief  (God Forbid) like no other.  Amazingly, they do it all without ever speaking a word!  The look in their eyes, the expression on their face...tells you that you are not alone and that they truly understand what you are feeling, facing or going through.  

 Just try it.  CRY...(and see what happens)...  your dog will be at your feet, in your lap (if they fit) ... and unselfishly your precious pet will start to lick the tears that are streaming down your sweet face.   It is the most unconditional, heartfelt love.  Thankfully, there is no judging, no unsolicited advice, no wrong words EVER.   The love of a dog is best displayed by simply BEING there... purpose being to just get you to a better place!

That thing you Humans call Puppy Love?  Well, truth be told, that kind of love is not just for puppies.  Every single day your dog wakes up,  they promise that you will be the only one that matters!  They will SEE to it that you are faithfully, loyally,  loved, adored, worshipped, and greeted DAILY you as if you are the most important person in the whole WIDE world !  No one is more special than you are!  No one NEEDS you more.  No one LOVES you with such CONVICTION.  Such Devotion.  No one (on Earth) that is.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Savor that Sunshine

Here it is...More from the Scrapster. Observations of the human race!   PEOPLE just need to relax more.  Life is NOT a race!  Each and every new day should be about living in the MOMENT...savoring that new bone… basking in the SUN that is shining through THAT window! 

Time is just too fleeting.  Do dogs have that figured out simply because SEVEN of our years equal  ONE of yours?  Maybe!

That thing you do...WORK..!?...it clouds up the day...along with all the OTHER scheduling of crazy things you do.  Here’s the way the day should go.   START out first thing in the morning with a YAWN!  Yep, don’t be afraid…Go ahead, great BIG yawn.!!  Then kiss  your someone special! And don’t FORGET that all important STRETCH.....long and ssssloooooow!  There it is, great BIG stretch!!   Then LEAP...yes...LEAP  (no more crawling and moaning..."I don't wanna get up!”)  Instead, be AMAZED and thrilled   that you WOKE up to another NEW day!   Leap out of the bed into the day with vigor and purpose! Then start out the day running!  

As for grooming… PEOPLE spend WAY too much time obsessing with the way they look.  Enough of that already!  Way too much fussing going on there…just accept YOU and get on with the day.  Mirror time is overrated!  Bathe less!  Smelling good comes best NATURALLY!

Always eat TWO good meals a day…and feel free to sneak in a snack now and then ... especially if nobody’s watchingdrink LOTS of  water…take vitamins IF someone says you should!  Take LONG walks, preferably EVERY day ( even if it rains or snows or blows!)  STOP to smell the flowers along the way, listen for the  songs  of the birds and chirps of the squirrels... the leaves rustling from the wind in the trees!  FOLLOW the path LESS traveled and dare to go DEEP into the woods and discover NEW things.  Be BRAVE, always (or at least act it!)  Set aside time to play amongst all that work you feel SO compelled to do throughout the day...but don't ever have an agenda.  Just pay attention to the little moments that make life BIG and listen for ALL the sounds of life, focus on the BEAUTY of it all and watch INTENTLY for THAT moment when the sun  FINALLY  shines through the window…
                                               Take your cue andthen just BASK in it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People Could Learn Alot from Dogs -Beg for Forgiveness

Here's the thing.  Straight talk from the Scrapster.  Dogs just have it all figured out. .. and they make it look SO easy!  Truths (as only dogs know apparently)...No matter what, they are always HAPPY to see you!    You rock THEIR world by just showing up.   How many people get all GOOFY AND CRAZY AND JUMP AROUND when you come through the door every night?  (well...okay AT FIRST, your significant OTHER might've acted a little over the top, but likely that has been dampened a bit by now!)  but that tail of your dog just wags and wags without fail. 

 And how about asking for forgiveness?  Puppies just do it better!.  They have that tail they can tuck between their legs and just beg and scratch at your feet .  Their eyes, forlorn lost and SAD ...Their apologies are the REAL deal!  I am SO sorry....I really AM.  I love you.  I really DO!  It was a BIG mistake.  I promise to DO better next time.  It was SO wrong.  I KNOW I DID Wrong, but PLEASE, PLEASE (more cowering, sadness and scratching)  can you just FORGIVE me? 
Works EVERY timeOh, the power of the puppy! 

 People are not so good at apologies.  No, they make excuses.  They blame everyone but themselves.  Some build walls SO big that no one can get over them.   Many retreat to a dark place and just never  are brave enough to venture out again...they give up too easily, they stop trying...I guess forgetting or neglecting to just persist in the asking.  It's a sad thing really.   Especially for dogs to watch.  Perhaps the secret has to do with having a tail!?  People could learn a lot from dogs.