Thursday, June 28, 2012

On The Podium Again - Triple Crown

Beyond excited to be On The Podium yet again...this time it's the Triple Crown!  Oh My Goodness!  I have NOT prepared for this moment!  I have no speech prepared.  All of you to thank really...because you keep showing up and reading, following...that's what makes this so very special.  I share these prestigous Awards with all of you.  I am so so in awe that I, the Scrapster, have been so esteemed.  It is somewhat overwhelming.  Magical and at the same time surreal.
Firstly, my wonderful furiend Willomena has lovingly given me the this Award....(Very Much NEEDED right now if you've been following my posts about the lack of summer in western Montana lately) - Yes, my furiend, I  gratefully accept the

Given to Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.  OH MY!
Upon winning, I am to answer the following questions:

Favorite Color: White....peaceful, lovely like the snow that falls from the sky
Favorite Animal: Birds, though they taunt me, they fascinate and mesmerize me
Favorite Number: One, and only One
Favorite Drink: Water from glacier streams and waterfalls, so cold and refreshing
Facebook or Twitter: Both, although Twitter takes more time and effort, ugh!
My Passion: LOVING, what I LIVE to do.
Getting or Giving: Giving ofcourse, because it's from the heart
Favorite Day: Every one spent with my Peeps!
Favorite Flower: Wild Daisy...they grow everywhere in the woods where we hike

I now share (GIVE) this SUNSHINE AWARD with others....I will pick THREE
1) Groucho
2) Corbin
3) The OP Pack

Congrats!  You ALL bring sunshine to me, the Scrapster!

On to the other TWO Awards....Over this past week, I have been given this VERY INSPIRING Blogger AWARD twice over

by my fellow bloggers....thank you Alison (and Zoey) and Dogs N PawzIt SO warms my heart that you have found my blog INSPIRING (meaning it's been stimulating or exalting to the spirit!)  Wow!

Upon winning this, I am to share 7 (new and unknown) things about myself.....

1)  I am litter boxed trained.  Yep.  My peeps had to be able to leave me when they went skiing all day and this was their answer. 

2) I have separation anxiety...I mope and sometimes whine and wait impatiently for my MOM peep when she leaves for even a moment.

3) I have a pecking order when the Mom Peep leaves.  Everyone knows it here and it's a clear order.  The one at the bottom has hurt feelings over it.  (sorry)

4) I snore.  Yep.  It's sometimes cute.  That's what they tell me anyway.

5) I pout when I have to wear a collar and leash.  Yep.  I prefer going through LIFE unleashed.  I know it's not realistic, but it's the Scrappy truth.  I like being free.

6) I eat bugs.  Spiders, and just the other day, a great big crunchy beatle! 

7) I bark and growl at that doggy in the mirror.  Mom thinks it's because I must think I am a Black Lab (as I was raised with one) 

Part of winning, ofcourse, is the joy of I now pay this Inspiring Blogger Award forward to these three bloggers:

1) Georgia, Little Pea
2) Prudence
3) Ammo

CONGRATS!  Now be proud, feel the love and pay it forward!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bicycle Built for Two

It's all because I  love too much.  Atleast that's what I think.  I don't like getting left at home and some of the longer hikes require a ride in a front pac.  Some of you might not know or remember, but long before I started blogging, the Dr. told the peeps - and then showed them ENLARGED heart (on  Xray)...No worries, I am forces a pill down my throat that is supposed to slow or stop the enlargement of my loving heart  BOTH morning and night...she used to hide it in bread, but I grew wise to that trick.  Oh - and Doc also said not to let me "overdo it" !?  WHAT? 

I say my heart just grew bigger and bigger because I  love too much.  So no more long long hikes.

Anyways....that brings me to the bicycle built for two...

We found a really snazzy bike basket's called a Snoozer Sporty and it hooks to the handlebars on the front of my peep's bike and the best part is, it has a rain protector!  Yep, if the weather turns bad, I can stay dry and still poke my 'lil head out to see where we're going if I want to.

Ofcourse, Santa had already given me DOGGLES for Christmas, so I have to wear those when we go for our rides on our bicycle built for two.  We go pretty fast down the hills and I don't want the itty bitty no see-ums to get in my pretty 'lil eyes! 

We've been out on several adventures, but yesterday's trip was the longest and best one yet!

So here's the scoop from the beginning.

My peep says "Scrappy, do you want to go biking?"  (key word here GO)

We gather everything we need and load the bike on the car and off we drive!  Once we get there, I get my harness on and mom gets the bike off the car and  puts on her helmet.  It was pretty chilly yet, so my bear blanket came with just in case.

We get all ready and OFF we go!  The start of this trip was a fun steep downhill!  Whee!

We rode for quite awhile and along the way, the birds sang and gophers were whistling...

                                                              GO Scrappy GO

              The sun played games with our shadows....look at this one...we look so funny!

                            And  THIS one turned out to be My Peeps Favorite PIC of the Day!

See our silly shadow?

                                                              Here was the view for me!

  Then My Peep thought I needed a little exercise, so here I am out & about...

C'mon Slowpoke!

 Eventually, I went back in the basket and we headed back to the car.  I decided it was best to just sleep on the way back.

That first Downhill was now a very daunting UPHILL for a certain Peep!  If I had a one of those cameras, I would've taken a picture of her huffing and puffing to get me back up to that car! 

                                                 On our Bicycle Built for Two

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tail's Up!


The stitches from that awful surgery (THANKFULLY) came out this morning!           *Yippee*

Unfortunately, that meant THIS.....

                                                       Pure torture...(just look at my face!)

The GOOD News though is my bum is better and my Tail is finally UP!   Maybe one of these days, it will ACTUALLY stop raining in Montana and I will be able to head out into the  Wilderness for some great adventures!  A little hiking, fishing, backpacking...riding in the boat, barking orders at the peeps as they waterski and wakeboard...standing proud and tall on my paddleboard!  Oh...and don't forget my newest JOY


No...not holding my Tail down anymore...unless I'm in trouble.

Happy Tails, Tails Up , Paws Up, Good Times Ahead

Summer's Comin' at Yorkie Tails


Monday, June 4, 2012

What A Birthday Girl Wants

Ten Years Young!

Are you wondering what a Birthday Girl wants on the BIG day?

Simple things.

Some extra lovin'....maybe a long walk....just a bit of someone's undivided attention.

To go somewhere

Bask in the sunshine

Breathe In Fresh Air

                                                Mostly though....Prayers Answered

That those who need comfort,

 those who need help

those who need love,

those who need answers,

those who need hope

Simply Seek it and Find it.

What a Birthday Girl Wants