Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Ten

Here it is...the Scrapster's Top Ten

1. (New) SQUEAKY toys  (this has to go at the TOP because I go (alittle) CRAZY when I first get one.  I have been known to get OVERLY possessive!  I refuse to put them down for ANYTHING (at first) and insist on taking them to bed !   (to keep a close watch)  

2.  Hot Laundry, fresh out of the dryer for me to Lay in!  ....It's my HOT TUB!  This started many years ago when I was just a puppy (who could fit in your pocket I often hitched a ride in the laundry basket!  The kids would push me across the carpet and make motor sounds with their voices!  (oh!  Thinking about this right now actually makes me sad....they are so grown up!)

3.  FISHing...with my bare paws all day long, chest deep in the river!  I never give up and I pride myself on my success in this category.  Where we live, the water is cold and clear, so you can see the fish coming up stream!  Occasionally the minnows like to taunt and tease me, but the fun is definitely in the chase!   (can you see the little fishy in the photo below?)

4.  Hiking- everywhere there are trails, trees and logs and preferably way high up a mountain! I fancy being the leader of the pack.  (unless there happens to be a bigger dog along who out steps me)   At times when my people sense I need a break, they let me ride in the Pet-a-Roo carrier.    Remarkably, it is quite a view from up there and allows me just the time I need to catch my breath, rest my paws and cool off those hot "pads"!

5.  Boating...with my life jacket on, of course.  Safety first...mostly it's so my people can quickly DUNK me (when I'm panting) , grabbing me by the handles!   The fun is in the shaking on everyone,  bathing in the sweet sunshine, feeling the wind in the ears, and watching my people water ski and wake board...the highlight for me is getting to jump up on the back of the boat and greet them as they climb up the ladder!  I know they are coming back JUST to see me!

6.  Begging.  Not always productive, but still FUN and always worth the effort.  I can't have people food (see Toxic Hike post), but I tend to forget that important fact when enticing AROMAS are entering my nostrils.   I DO thoroughly enjoy begging for affection though!   It pays off nearly ALL the time. One can never get enough full belly rubs or back massages.  I often think that it's my job to just get you to LOVE me!

7.  Alerting (some would call it barking ) I still say I am just WARNING my people of strangers outside including other dogs and their people, deer, birds, squirrels, and especially CATS.  (apologies) Skateboarders, Motorcycles and Bicyclists beware!  Those helmets are frightening!

8.  Sleeping on my back with my legs all up in the air!  (sorry if it's a little Marilyn Monroeish)
Shhhh.  I also tend to get cold and so I often sneak under the covers in the middle of the night!  
             (note my NEW Squeaky Toy that I took to bed with me last night!)

9.  BUGs.  I like to watch them, catch them, chase them, eventually even eat them.  Spiders fascinate me. 

10. Morning.   I live to wake up happy, refreshed and (I have said this before) LEAP out of bed every day simply because Life is good.  A new day means repeating some of these top tens and maybe, just maybe discovering a NEW one!

So there you favorite things...Now....for you (humans)...just go back through the Scrapster's list and think about what would make your TOP Ten!    Toys?....I know you have them.   Laundry?   (ok then YOUR Hot Tub!)  Fishing?  Hiking?  Boating?  Barking. (seems like people really ENJOY that)  Begging for Affection. (definitely on the list)  Sleeping. (in)   Bugs (it seems you catch the wrong kind though and then tend to go back to the sleeping) and Morning.!?..Do you LOVE morning?  Well, may not appreciate every morning...but most mornings you people do your best to wake up ready and willing to just go with it.  Life begins anew.  Thankfully

THANKS to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume    


  1. You're such a cuuutie! I did not see the fishie! Teehee!

    Thanks for visiting me -- I've followed you back! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

    I've followed you back!

  2. You are just the cutest little Yorkie!

    We will follow and say hi again soon!

    Gypsy ;-)

  3. Wow! You are so adventurous!

    yuki and rocket

  4. Let us know if you knit those squeaky toys! I'm halfway through #9.

  5. *sings* these are a few of my favorite things!