Saturday, July 30, 2016

Drumroll Please....Meet TigerLily!

It has been SO long since any of you have heard from me the Scrapster!  I blog from the Rainbow Bridge now (been waiting here for about a whole year now) and today I am SO thrilled to introduce to you the newest Family Member ~ a wee little one who will be loved across three generations ~ DRUMROLL please!!!!   

Introducing TigerLily 

Inspiration for her name came from Peter Pan 

Her family DROVE across half the BIG state of MONTANA just to pick her up and show her exactly what it means to be TRULY loved...

She is a soft soul.  Curious, yet Gentle.  Very Smart.  Loves Little Peeps.  
{and that is especially important!} 

Her LIFE awaits.  and IT will be SO good and filled with adventures and hikes and swims and camping and fishing and boat rides.  Just a LIFE of Fun like I had every single day on Earth.  

This is ONE LUCKY Pup!  

Oh little TigerLily ~ The hands that are holding you will pet you and carry you through the most amazing of days.  THIS I am certain of.  

You, little TigerLily of Yorkie Tails are Blessed Beyond Measure!