Saturday, November 5, 2011

If Only Dogs Could Ski

Here's the prelude. 

The sign in the kitchen says

Yes, snow DOES happen !  Unfortunately (for me) the first snowflakes started falling here late last night...and the people at my house are all thrilled and HAPPY about that...EXCEPT me, the Scrapster!  To make matters worse, there are reminders (placed strategically) all over the in the living room

                                                    and another in the dining room

So that brings me to the DILEMMA!  ...if ONLY Dogs could ski!    This is my biggest wish...and here's (the Scrappy Truth) WHY.  They all GET to go skiing and I don't!  It's pretty much the ONE thing they do where I get left at home ALL day and they don't even consider taking me along.   They take me everywhere else...on BIG, camping, hiking...I've actually even been taken to movies, graduations, even church...but never skiing. 

                              Maybe it's because they don't know that dogs CAN ski...

I did some research and mentioned this to my new (rescued) Minnesota twitter friend Little Boy Bo before I started this post and he was actually quite encouraging.  He sent me this FUN photo which gave me great HOPE...
image source photobucket

and then IT dawned on me.  All I really need is the right equipment.  So now I am on a mission to find some tiny boots and skis, some long johns, a helmet (concussions are very dangerous) and goggles (I know those are available because I've seen dogs wearing them on motorcycles) - I think they are called DOGGLES  ... (I could probably use those for riding with DAD on the mountain bike ANYWAY!)  Oh...and I will need a good winter (down) coat. (wow....the site even says it's for skiing!) ...

BUT it's the skis and boots that I'm having trouble locating....and then... I found THIS picture from a long time ago

Source Oregonian image 1979 article 1981
 SCORE!   A dog that really could ski!  He was Schmaltz, the skiing dachshund...whose PEOPLE had developed "four specifically designed boots and two skis" !     (What amazing People!)

                      So NOW my HOPE is changing to POSSIBILITY!

Where to start?  Anyone OUT there have any ideas?  Can you help come up with a plan to get some ONE to design ME some of these special boots and skis?  I still have time...the first flakes are just fallin' ...the mountain's not open yet, but soon the chairlifts will be up and running and the PEOPLE will GO skiing (without me!) 

I just know I can shuss with the best of them....Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety!  I could even be named to the next Olympic Alpine Team...if I only had THOSE specifically designed skis and boots!

For now though, I will just practice signing autographs....

                                               (the Downhill’n Dog)

Thanks to Blog Hop Hosts Two Little Cavaliers, Life With Dogs, and Confessions of the Plume!


  1. Ah, would really be very unhap-pee wit 4 broken legs and a broken might want to re-think this skiing ting!

  2. Hmmmmmm, what about a doggy sled, that you could attach a doggy car harness too? Kind of like a bike cart only, you know for snow?That's kind of like skiing. And you would look GREAT in snow goggles ;0)

  3. can do the Nordic skiing thing like me! You just need some Ruffwear Vibram Booties and a warm coat! It is lots of fun. Then you can go with your people. :)

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Don't give up Scrappy. Dr V is taking Brady for surfing lessons. Take your parents to these links.
    or more links at:

    If dogs can learn to ride the waves, I know they have similar boards with which humans ride the snow pipes and from which they do tricks. You could learn to ski on one! Get your humans to take you to the thing they call "bunny slopes" and at least let you try it!

    Hey, I've seen dogs water ski on one of those Boogieboards. If they can do that, snowboarding should be a cinch! Go for it, Scappy!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. Ooh! You need to learn how to ski...I'd love to see pictures of that! You must be a well behaved dog if you can go to the movies and even church!

  6. wahoo....down the slopes at 60 miles an hour, the wind blowing thru your coat, the cold snow flying by you, the big trees that you crash into.


    Maybe not. I think I'll pass.


  7. I was thinking like Kolchak, a little sled that your skiing family can tote behind them. Be sure to have it outfitted with warm blankets. Hope you have fun!

  8. Wowserz! Doggies skiing? Amazzzzing! ;)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)