Friday, October 28, 2011

Howling Pom

Ok...the title is a little misleading.  Halloween made the Scrapster think of Howling, which made her think of the Pomeranian she met "heard" on an airplane last July.  We never actually met.  Not officially, but our Humans did (but NOT til after ) I was in my bag and she was in hers!  I caught a glimpse of her through the netting as we departed the plane and she looked beautiful and sophisticated...much like this pretty Pom 

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It was an early morning flightIt was my first time flying, but I wasn't nervous at all.  My people almost ALWAYS take me with whenever they can, so I am just HAPPY when the bag comes out of the closet!  It is my safe haven, my nest, my home away from home.  If it is "left out" for some strange reason, I might just decide to sneak IN the bag and squeeze in a nap or chew on my always along for the ride in the bag Nylabone (bacon is my new favorite!) 

To me, this morning wasn't all that different.  New Sights to see., yes.  New Smells, of course!   We breezed through security and I waited patiently in my bag at the gate until it was time for us to board.
I never make a peep when I am in my bag!  I would not want to RISK not being able to go with, so I  am always really well behaved.  I was offered a drink of water through the zipper.  Mom always thinks of everything!  My favorite stuffed (squeaky) toy is with me and gives me a place to rest my chin.

Back to the story...we boarded and took our seat, with me in the bag at Mom's feet.  There was ALOT happening around me and I watched intently trying to take it all in.  Then it started.  At first, it was a tiny short little whine.  I wasn't even sure I really heard anything.  Then there it was again.  A whine...definitely, distinctly dog and getting a little longer and louder.  Heads were turning.  Where is that coming from?  Just across the aisle, the Pom's Mom apologizes.  "Sorry Everyone!"   

And then comes the howling.  Ever  louder.  Ever consistent.  Ever annoying!  Clearly, Pom wanted OUT of that bag and probably out of that plane!  My ears were all perked up.  WHAT is wrong out there?  What is this HOWLING all about?  JUST Imagine an hour and a half of outright HOWLING.  More apologies from Pom's mom.  "I am SO sorry.  I wish I could make her stop! " (mom scolds Pom)

If there was something I could have done for that Pom, believe me, I would have because we would have all benefited.  Poor Howling Pom. 

Finally, the wheels of that plane touched down!  (Relief for everyone, but not YET Pom)

As we taxied in, the howls kept coming.  More apologies.  After arriving at the gate, the people started to gather their bags and coats and as they stood and waited to leave....Pom's Mom spotted me in my bag hanging off Mom's shoulder  and said..."Do YOU have a dog in there?"   "Yes, a Yorkie"
Pom's Mom said, "Wow, your dog must like traveling!"  and Mom said, "Well, she just likes her bag because she knows she gets to go with!"  "Oh!", says Pom's Mom..."This is my dog's first time in a bag!"

Me, the Scrapster, wanted to scream "Really? I couldn't have guessed!"  It wasn't really Pom's fault.  It was her Mom who needed the training.

Dogs are creatures of habit.  If you want us to be good, then give us the tools to BE good.  It really isn't that complicated.  Give us the time we need to learn and if you are patient and you are consistent, we will return the favor with mostly pleasing behavior and good manners. 

New things and new experiences JUST need proper introductions.  A new bag, especially if we've never been confined to one EVER, is going to make us HOWL

Then everyone around us will think it's HOWLoween!


  1. Poor doggie! I bet he was scared.

  2. Great post! Thanks for emphasizing the importance of getting your dog used to a carrier or other kind of enclosure before traveling. It sounds like you're a joy to be with on a trip.

  3. You are very wise Scrappy & you made an excellent point...wish more owners would take your advice! *snoogles* from GizmoGeodog

  4. Hi! Very good advice in your blog today! Can we say that you are just adorable! Thanks for stopping by our blog to say "HI"! Happy blog hopping!

  5. Dropping off some pre-Halloween woofs & hugs!! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)