Monday, October 17, 2011

Tug Of War

Here's the Scrappy Truth.  I admit it.... I am spoiled (rotten).   Yep.  (I bet you are surprised!) There is a toy box in the family room JUST for MY toys....Here are a few of my besties lined out on the couch....

Kermit and Monkey.  Rope.  Duckie. Steak. Kitty (who has been with me from the very beginning

FETCHing of ALL these toys is one of my favorite pastimes....but the game I   LIVE to play every single day is TUG of  WAR. 

This is the lesson, though, you can learn from the Scrapster today.  Too much tugging can be BAD.  I pulled SO hard playing Tug of War that I took the head right off (kanga) Roo.  At first I was in shock and then just moments later came the anger and frustration.  I couldn't believe Roo could lose his head.!   I looked at Roo.  I looked at Mom.  Then back at the headless Roo.  All Mom could say was "Oh, Oh!" .  I didn't dare pick up Roo without his Head!  Are you kidding me?  Fix it!  Put his HEAD back on, Mom!   This is terrible!

So, Mom picked up the two pieces and held them together and for a minute.... I jumped for joy believing at first that she had successfully attached Roo's head....but no....sadly, she was just "holding" them together.  This was really tragic and no one else seemed to grasp the seriousness of the moment.  How could THIS have happened to my friend ROO?   SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!

Tug of War.  It's a whole lot of fun when it goes well.  NOT so fun when one loses their head!

You People seem to have your own versions of the game and from what I've seen, you often play Tug of War in your every day life...struggling with things like what to cook, what to eat,  what to do, what to buy, how to get it all done, how to make time to get all done, how to make yourself and everyone else happy, how to say the right thing, how to know what the best thing to do to me you are playing an almost endless game of  TUG of War every minute of every day. 

I hope you learn from my Roo!   Be careful not to get SO carried away with the pulling and the tugging that you end up sad and surprised when the game goes a wry , one of you loses your head, and you eventually find yourself looking around at everyone else exasperated saying "Fix it!"       Do something!

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