Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Wish Countdown #10 and Another Award

                                                               Just one wish a day...

Image Source: Salvatore Vuono 
  Portfolio is:

#25 to Mend All Broken Hearts
#24 for all to have A Proper Nest
#23 to Give Selflessly
#22 to Remember to Look Up
#21 Delight in the Sweetness of Christmas
#20 Reflect on Favorite Years' Past
#19 to Play for Him pa rum pum pum pum
#18 to Begin or Uphold Family Traditions
#17 May you be inspired to Sing With the Angels
#16 Deck the Halls and Find Christmas Cheer
#15 by chance, May you Be Kissed Under the Mistletoe
#14 that you somehow find a way to Honor the One You Love and Miss in Heaven
#13 that your Gift List be Atleast Started
#12 to Pay It Forward
#11 no matter what, may You Find Hope

                                                                 Today my wish is that

                                                     The Holidays Bring Amazing Surprises
One of the best joys of Christmas is the surprise stuffed down in the stocking or inside those beautifully wrapped gifts...

 image source Danilo Rizzuti's portfolio is:

The surprise is why the little ones can't wait to open THAT first present.  It is the reason they can't get to sleep on Christmas Eve...the excitement, the anticipation, the wonder of it all...

The joy is truly in the not knowing.  May that happen for you this Christmas!

Speaking of Surprises....Last evening, I was thrilled and astonished to be recognized with yet another award!  Dachshund Nola has awarded little 'ole me, The Scrapster, with this beautiful award

My tail is sure wagging now!  Thank you, NOLA!

After receiving this award, I am to tell you 10 things you might not know about me. 
Then, I am to pass this award on to six fellow bloggers...

Here is the Scrappy Truth

1)  Hard to believe, but I am a girl.  A tom-boy, yes...but still a girl...(with maybe a boy's name!)

2) I have a Twitter Boy Friend...his name is Jakey and he is a Yorkie too.  We have a virtual thing going.  He lives far away in Connecticut and he is so twitter painted that he is sending me a beautiful couture red Christmas dress made JUST for me!  Watch later in the week for pictures of me all dolled up wearing it!   Oh...HE also wants me to be his Valentine!

3)  I am 9 and a half years old...that's why I know so much.  Lots of years to learn about you people and the world.

4) I suffer from separation anxiety.  I like my people to either stay home or take me with.  I do not know why I cannot go everywhere they go.  I fit in a purse and never make a peep.

5) I have an enlarged heart....(I say it's because I  LOVE too much, but Dr. Scott says it's not a good thing, so I  reluctantly take a pill morning and night for that) 

6) I am sneaky about that pill taking thing...I have to be watched.  I am good at fooling the people here that I actually swallowed it, when later after I run all the way upstairs and get up into the bed, I spit it out!

7) I definitely have Little Dog Syndrome.  Raised with my long lost Shadow and most recently with my sister Kootenai  (soon to arrive HOME for Christmas with (speaking of) SURPRISES for me!), I for the longest time had NO IDEA I wasn't a big black dog.  I used to bark incessantly at that silly little dog I kept seeing in the mirror!

8) I am a dog of faith for these reasons: I had a near death experience.  Also, I have actually been IN church twice...once as part of the children's lesson and the other...well....I was in the purse under the pew because my people did not have time to drop me at home before the service once.  No one knew I was there until after Communion.  A very nice lady sitting behind us whispered in my Mom's ear that HER purse was moving.  BOL   (I  stretch a little in there sometimes)   If I do stay home, Mom leaves the radio on and it is always on the Christian station.  That is how I have grown so much in my faith.  I have heard on there that sharing our faith is important.

9) I love the outdoors.  Hiking, Camping, especially Fishing.  There is nothing I cannot do.  I  WOULD follow my people ANYWHERE!

10) I  believe wholeheartedly that EVERYONE who knocks on our door is THERE to see me... I bring ALL my toys out to show them.  I put myself right in their lap, whether they want me there or not.  I shower them with love and sometimes kisses.  Stop by sometime, I'll show you!

 Now for the passing of the Awards to my amazing Blogger friends for their Kreativ efforts:  I bestow now upon you...this lovely Award....

1) Bailey & Katie@    (Shelties with great toys!)

2)My new friend Sarge @    He speaks out well!

3) Kirby @   Not at all Dorkie, by the way.  Adorable.

4)Cosmo @    Likes getting Air!

5)Miss Mindy and her human Gloria @   Fun to follow!

6) Roberta and her Silverwalk Sanctuary @   Doing Good Work!

Congrats!  Now, share the love and Pay it Forward!



  1. So glad you like it!
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. Could you stop by my blog? Jazzi and I are trying to help cheer up a little boy and his service dog. The poor boy has MPS and we're sending Christmas cards to cheer him up

  2. Thanks. The fountain came from Avon.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the fun award! I really liked reading about you and I'm totally jealous that you can go with your peeps in a purse. I'm too big and too rowdy to go everywhere with them. Thanks for giving me something to smile about today, my furiend. I'll try to get this added to my blog sidebar so I can see it all the time.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Congrats on your award and for giving it to us too! We don't know how to link up with you, but will certainly try! Thanks!!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Congrats on your award.

    We can be sneaky about the pill taking too. ;)

    the 2 brown dawgs

  6. Wow, Scrappy - congratulations on your award and for sharing it with us! Our buttons have busted (well, if we had any). This is quite humbling. You write a very good blog, showing your compassion for humans and animals. Hmm..need to think on those 10 things.
    So, you are a girl! Who woulda thunk it? Very interesting and very scary when I read your near death experience; how quickly something can go wrong. SO glad your family was able to get you to Dr. Scott and save your life. THANK YOU!.

  7. Aww, congrats Scrappy on your award and thanks for passing it along to us! Happy holidays to you!
    Diane and Cosmo