Thursday, October 6, 2011

To Do Lists-Dog's vs. People's

Confession Time. Scrappy admits she had NO idea what she was getting into! This blogging thing started out as...well...a crazy Scrappy moment. It was actually a human uncle who told a joke one night at dinner. Something about locking your wife and dog in the garage for an hour and finally opening the door to find out who TRULY loves you and is happier to see you...WAGGING TAIL, Jumping for Joy...(you get the picture) Anyway...that is how the first post was born. Dogs can teach us a lot about forgiveness (and apparently a whole lot of other things) Humans like to think they have the upper hand, but in the end, we dogs know how to cause PEOPLE to PAWS and re-evaluate.

People make EVERYTHING too complicated. Learn to simplify and pare down.
Scrappy believes it should start with To Do Lists. 

Scrappy- Do List  
  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Play
  4. Give Hugs & Kisses
  5. Snooze
  6. Snack
  7. Nap
  8. Play, Walk, Run
  9. Eat
  10. Sleep
People's To Do List

  1. Eat
  2. Work
  3. Clean
  4. Work
  5. Shop
  6. Work
  7. Cook
  8. Work
  9. Do Laundry
  10. Work
  11. Do more Work
Where is the snoozing, the relaxation, the play, the FUN in THAT list?   Why do you think I am at your feet with my "oh, oh, my paw hurts" look again?

  Why do you think I bring ALL my toys to at a time.... ALL day long?
                                                             (after a wee bit of snoozing)

  It is so SIMPLE.  Just STOP with the WORK already and the CLEANING and the SHOPPING and the COOKING and the LAUNDRY and JUST give me your UNDIVIDED attention.  NOW. 

.............................and let's just CHASE each other.  And RUN wild and FREE.


  1. our mom didn't take this whole blogging seriously until around a few months ago in may...before than maybe a post or two every month. i dont like it when my mom gets on the computer, i'll put my paw on her hand that's on the mouse or lay across the entire keyboard to let her know we need to be petted!
    ♥ yuki and rocket

  2. YAY!!!! You tell 'em! It's time to play.

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