Monday, November 28, 2011

Driving them Crazy

I was going to title this Driving the Boys Crazy, because that IS the real truth...I am NOT feeling the love around here from the boys as far as support for blogging!  Mom and the human Sis agree...dogs can blog if they want to!  

So....feel free to let the Scrapster know...what kind of blogging love do you get at home? 

Mom always said to the human kids when you get teased it usually means the ones doing the teasing are actually just jealous. So my boys must wish they were cute and photogenic?  They must want undivided attention?  They secretly want to write all about their adventures?  They want more time on the computer?  They want people to follow them?

This is all so silly.  I just blog for fun...most of you know it happened one day by accident...all because of a joke I heard.  I wrote about it once awhile ago. 

Truthfully, I never know where the next post is going to come from.  They just happen.  Some are good, some are not.  I think I just blog because I  CAN! 

It's freedom of expression.  It's me be able to go off leash...

So for now, I will just  run  with it and see where it takes me.  Mostly because it's just fun to go somewhere new

                                                           I   LOVE  driving (the boys) Crazy!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hunting for the Perfect Tree

It's tradition.  Almost.  On the Friday after giving thanks, we head out into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Over the years, through trail and error, we have the hunt almost down to a science.  Everyone knows exactly the kind of tree we need to find.  It has to be a Douglas Fir.  It has to be at least twelve feet tall, full throughout (with only one scarce spot that will not show against the back) and JUST skinny enough at the bottom to fit just right in the space behind the couch in the living room.  The goal is to out do last year's tree EVERYTIME.

Yesterday, we set out once again on that quest....the hunt for the perfect tree.  I knew something was up at breakfast.  They were all talking about who was going to be the one to spot THE tree this year.  It's a competition... an honor to have YOUR tree end up at home in the coveted spot.  Mom just purchased a new winter coat for me.   When she brought that out, I knew it was time.  We all loaded into the car and headed up the road to our secret spot.  (First rule of hunting is never tell WHERE you find the best ones!) 

The anticipation of the hunt is building for all of us as we make our way up the road.  I can hardly stand it...

It's a beautiful, sunny day...and I am certain that I, the Scrapster, will be the ONE to spot the perfect tree!

C'mon guys, it's this way!  Follow me~

 Right off, we head down a steep embankment.  The youngest one has to pick me up.  The snow is deep. 

Once down the hill, he sets me back down and I am on a mission!

It isn't long.  Dad spots the first one, shakes the snow off the specimen and asks "How about this one?"
", there's too big a hole on the right side of that one!",  Mom says.  I am still in hunting mode.  Those trees ALL look huge from my prospective!  We keep trodding through the snow.  My paws are starting to numb and the snow is starting to ball up in my fur.  Still, it is worth it as I am with my people, in search of the perfect tree. 

Then it happens.  The youngest gets the honor.  He spots the tree from across the field and we trudge through the snow to check it out.  As we close in around the tree, it's obvious to everyone...(including me)...THIS is the one.  The tree that tops them all.  The youngest picks me up in celebration! 

                                                             Down comes the tree!

                                                          It is truly a magical moment. 

                                              I PROMISE... it looks amazing standing up!

                                                    We tag the tree...(it has to be legal)

                    Load it on to the suburban...(this is Montana...have to HAVE four wheel drive!) 

Whoa!  It's as LONG as the car!

Dad turns up the heat.  Mom takes my coat off and I start biting off the snow balls!  They taste pretty good!

Another successful hunt for the perfect tree.

Perhaps when we get it all decked out, I'll post a picture.  Unless you are in competition, I think you might just agree...we brought home the best ever tree!

Let's get decorating!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

It's easy to be thankful when you are loved beyond measure.  I know I have everything I could ever need or want right here with my family...That is the greatest gift ...

I had a warm (and cuddly) place to rest last night.  I will be graciously fed two warm meals today and maybe get a little snack of a warm roll!  I will be surrounded by people who love and adore me.  They will pat me on the head,  throw toys for me to fetch, rub my belly, scratch my back and ears...they will know exactly what I need.  That is love. 

May you give thanks for the love you have in your life today.  May your plate be full of goodness and blessings.  May you get lots of hugs and kisses.  May your time together be fun and memorable.  May you feel loved and adored by your family, friends and best of all, by God...who knows exactly what you need every single day and leads you exactly where you NEED to be going. 

THAT is love. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Magnetic Forces

Dad says I am drawn to  Mom's magnetic forces. 

Image Source Page:

                                         I say it's more like Follow the Leader.

She doesn't think she deserves such admiration, but I beg to differ. Sometimes it's almost as if she can read my mind.  Mom knows just how to make me feel loved.  If I am hungry, she feeds me. When I am sick, she helps me.  When necessary, she even drives me to see Dr. Scott.  We go on long walks together. 

 Her lap fits me just right.  The body massages she gives are the BEST!  She is HOME almost all the time, which makes following her EVERYWHERE a whole lot easier. 

Waiting just outside the door for Mom

She actually notices when I am NOT following.  One time Dad went out the front door to take the flag down or something and I went out there with him.  It's fun to get to go out there because there's a pond where all the birds take baths and every once in a while I see a chipmunk out there.  Anyway....I was busy watching for one of those and before I knew it, Dad had gone back in the house and closed the door.  "Hey! forgot me!"

Mom figured it out fairly quickly.  She noticed right away I wasn't at her feet.  "Scrappy!  Where are you?"  

Mom asks Dad.  Have you seen Scrappy?  Dad thinks for a minute...."Oh oh...I might know where she is!"  He proceeds to open the front door and THERE I am....sitting there JUST waiting for them to let me back in!  (Mom never lets me leave the deck unless she's outside with me)  BECAUSE she's the boss..the leader of the pack! 

I go where she goes.  She gets no privacy.  If she's up to her nose in the bubble bath, I am there curled up on the rug by the tub.  If she is doing laundry, I am there with her...supervising or jumping in the pile of hot dryer clothes she is about to fold.   If she is in her office working, I am there ON my bed at her feet. 

 If she is preparing food in the kitchen, again my place is at her feet or on my bed.  (I have several of those beds...because she SPOILS me)

Wherever she goes, I go.  If she leaves, I get nervous.  The rest of my people tell Mom I whine a little and act crazy until she finally arrives back home.  I  watch for her car out the window.  I bark and run to the door to meet her, greet her and jump up and down.

She is my world.  She is my everything.  She is MINE~

The best place in the world is under the covers curled up by her tummy. 

So maybe it's true.  That might just be where the magnet is! 

Drawing me in...

Mom's Magnetic Forces

Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Time

Just a little more time.  Because time flies.

 It's what we all's what she talked about ALOT on that Snow Globe DriveMore time..because there never seems to be enough.  Not only for (you) people and certainly not enough for us..the pets!  Our days here on earth go by rather quickly (from the human prospective).  It's one of the first questions she has for God when she (finally) arrives in Heaven.  Last week she read that a little boy already thought he might just have the answer.  When his beloved dog crossed over the rainbow bridge, his parents told him dogs don't get to stay as long on earth as people and WE don't know why.  He thought about it for a few moments and then proceeded to tell his parents it was because the reason we are all on earth is to learn to love and dogs already know how to do that!

                                            * talk about pulling on Mom's heartstrings

She loves little ones..she thinks they are just the right mix of innocence and curiosity ...  truly passionate, thrilled to be here and not afraid to say what they really think.  "Out of the mouths of babes!",  I've heard her exclaim..and rightfully so. 

Her babes are almost all grown.  She says it happened one day when she blinked.  I'm not sure about that, but she seems to believe time with them slipped away alarmingly fast.  She compares it to being stuck out on a piece of ice in a glacier lake....and slowly as time goes by, the ice starts to crack.. just alittle at first...then the cracks widen over time and suddenly... all at once it seems, the piece you are standing on just breaks off and slowly just floats away.  What a helpless feeling it is... It makes you sad, but at the same time it is life changing because once again it's all about you having to focus on getting yourself back to shore.  Once you get back, you realize you were never really all that far away or alone anyway.  The shoreline just looks different and you suddenly see things that weren't there before. 

She says 24 hours are not enough to get it all done..whatever IT is!?   I have to sometimes remind her that we need to sleep some of that.  Work. Work. Work.  In every corner of her world, she says.  Never ending,.  Overwhelming.  Can't seem to catch up Work.  Thankfully, she has come to realize that it all just can't happen at once.  Some just has to be let-go.   Until another day.  Til, then..she needs to feel free to go off leash every now and again.  That freedom can be just EXACTLY what she needs!
It's the little moments that make life big!  Enjoying a morning walk.  Sitting along the banks of the river.  Feeling the warmth of  a fire.   Listening.  Paying attention . Enjoying.  Taking it all in...just one experience at a time.

More of those kinds of moments.  The ones that just happen along the way.  The ones that open us up to being truly thankful.  The ones that change who we are and make us better.  The moments that show us how to love...

We all just want more time for that. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Day!

"Photo courtesy".

The sun is out after a late night's snow.

Lots fell up high and only a skiff fell in the valley.

When you live in a mountain town, all the PEOPLE get a little crazy when BIG snow happens


For me, the Scrapster, I like it too (at first)  It's fun. 

Wakes you up if you're sleepy! ...The paws get what I like to call an awakening!  Ice on the pads and snow between the toes!

                                     This is a Snow Day, Scrappy-style

Puts a wag in your tail , a chill in your whiskers, a leap in your jump, an all out sprint in your run.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Snow Globe Drive

Sometimes I get lucky and get to travel with my people.  Mom had to teach a clinic this past weekend and since it was going to be indoors and at a dog-friendly hotel, she decided to take me along!  I knew I was going to get to go this time as soon as she started packing, because she gathered up all my favorite things and put them right by the suitcase! 

Montana is a BIG state and that means it takes awhile to get anywhere when traveling by car.  There's also a lot of NOTHING in between!  More about that later...

One thing I know for certain is that I sure like fancy hotels! 

Of course, Mom remembered to pack my food (and portable dish) and it was a good thing!  I was hungry and wanting to eat first thing upon our arrival. 

Then I got to cuddle right next to mom with my bear blankie and sleep in that great big comfortable bed!

Livin' the life!

The next morning I had to wait patiently (and behave) while she talked and talked and talked about (some really boring) stuff.  I was just under the table at her feet,  switching off between laying in my pet carrier or ON my bed,  growling softly ONLY once when a GREAT big dog walked by the conference room door.   (no worries, we did break for lunch and I got some walking time in, but I never did see that dog again!) 

When the clinic was FINALLY over, we loaded up all the papers, computer, printer, projector, screen and all MY stuff into the car and headed back home way ACROSS the state.  It was already dark and as soon as we got on the road, it happened...

...the snow began to fall.   Slowly at first.... Now try to picture desolate Montana and miles and miles of endless road...

Over the (mountain) pass and into the dark we went.

  ....and then it started  to really come down !  Right at us.!  ...this BECAME what we have now deemed the Snow Globe Drive.

Eery.  Quiet.  Dizzying . Tunnelling at you if you were IN a Snow Globe.  Mesmerizing. Almost Magical.... 

When Mom started talking to me about it, I HAD to look.  I climbed up to get a look out the front window and WHOA!  It almost made me nauseous....back down I went....all I could really do from then on was JUST listen.

A dog can learn a lot about PEOPLE on a long winter's Snow Globe Drive.  They tend to open up and share more about WHO they really are when they are vulnerable (and afraid) ...especially if YOU are the only other one dog in the car! 

Guess what?  People talk more when they're nervous.  They question themselves more.  They WORRY.  They sing silly songs.  They tell stories about their childhood..all their regrets...all their dreams...all of a sudden, THEIR world becomes your world...and we come to know them a whole lot better!
It was clear my REAL purpose was to CALM the storm NOW occurring in that globe across the huge state of Montana in the very dark of night. 

                                            We DOGS have such important jobs!

I knew I couldn't rest.  I had to LISTEN.  Calm her fears.  Give her courage to keep going.  Let her SING...allow myself to get lost in the stories she was telling of so very long ago. 

It JUST seemed to help her pass the time....and made me appreciate her human "ness" even more!

We never passed a single other vehicle, but thankfully followed behind several plows sanding the roads, each pulling over to let us by.  (Apparently, other people don't have Scrappy Dogs to guide them through Snow Globe drives so they JUST stay home...)

And quickly as the flakes started to fall, they (just) poof.  Gone.

Mom and I were thrilled when we finally saw the lights of town and arrived safely at home, the snow all settled now in the bottom of earth's globe. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nose to Nose

First off...I couldn't resist.  Second...I think she liked the way I smelled. (well, I DID just have a bath!)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

What am I talking about?

My Nose.  Another Nose.  Up close and too personal.  Mama's heart leaping out of her chest. 

Still lost?  Ok...from the beginning.  With the time change, dusk NOW comes earlier.  This was precisely WHY Mom should have put her glasses on!  DUSK!  Working all afternoon (hogging the computer again) Mom FINALLY decides it's SCRAPPY time...(only after I scratch at her feet and give her THE Look!)   She falls for it (hook, line and sinker)   "Do you wanna go for a walk?"   Yippee!  *jumping around, major body and tail wags,  cute little yip* 

Mom makes her way to the entry closet and then she pulls out the dreaded sweater.  I am not all that thrilled to have to wear it, but if that's what it takes to get us out there on a walk, I will wear the silly dreaded sweater.  Fine.  Okay.  Let's get this part over with.

One leg in...then the other....(here I am not looking all that eager to be wearing the silly dreaded sweater....)

Out the door, we go AT LAST...

Truth be told (and lucky for me), it's only about 50 (Scrappy) steps to the field.  I am off leash...having fun.. Feeling free.  It's ALMOST dark, but not quite.  Just about there though...and then I spot them.. not too far away in the field and I am compelled to BARK.  They run...well, all but ONE...she lingers behind...curious I think about ME, the Scrappy one in the silly sweater.

Mom is a NOT pleased.  I trot closer.  (It's partly her fault for NOT seeing them)  Calmly, but deliberately, she tells me..."Scrappy, NO!"  
However... I simply cannot resist...soooooo, I inch a little closer...and there we are.... NOSE to NOSE...this beautiful yearling Doe and I!  (Mom is now a basketcase (of fret )....with good reason!)  The "moment" doesn't last all that long...that beautiful deer and I (just briefly) HAD to touch noses and catch a little whiff of one another! ...I am quite certain it had to be fragrance of THE baby powder shampoo that attracted her!  ...because she just caught her quick whiff and ran off, but only went about 15 yards and then stopped and watched the scene...the lecture from Mom!....YES. I know how lucky I am that I was not kicked, stomped on, killed or hurt.  Yes, I am (a little) sorry!  I glance over at the Doe and she is still watching me.  "Let's go, Scrappy!  That's enough excitement for today!"   (Mom is secretly blaming herself for forgetting the glasses and giving me too much freedom!)

We (thankfully) continue on around the usual loop and as we near the driveway, the moon shines big and bright in the sky above.   

                                             Mostly dark now...In the door we go...

The sweet scent of that doe still in my nose, mom's shoes come off.  She reaches leg out, then the other....I wiggle a bit and finally pull my head out of the dreaded sweater. 

Dinner follows.  A few games of fetch after that.  I am eager to go upstairs and go to I can DREAM about being out in that field nose to nose...Oh the WONDER!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

If Only Dogs Could Ski

Here's the prelude. 

The sign in the kitchen says

Yes, snow DOES happen !  Unfortunately (for me) the first snowflakes started falling here late last night...and the people at my house are all thrilled and HAPPY about that...EXCEPT me, the Scrapster!  To make matters worse, there are reminders (placed strategically) all over the in the living room

                                                    and another in the dining room

So that brings me to the DILEMMA!  ...if ONLY Dogs could ski!    This is my biggest wish...and here's (the Scrappy Truth) WHY.  They all GET to go skiing and I don't!  It's pretty much the ONE thing they do where I get left at home ALL day and they don't even consider taking me along.   They take me everywhere else...on BIG, camping, hiking...I've actually even been taken to movies, graduations, even church...but never skiing. 

                              Maybe it's because they don't know that dogs CAN ski...

I did some research and mentioned this to my new (rescued) Minnesota twitter friend Little Boy Bo before I started this post and he was actually quite encouraging.  He sent me this FUN photo which gave me great HOPE...
image source photobucket

and then IT dawned on me.  All I really need is the right equipment.  So now I am on a mission to find some tiny boots and skis, some long johns, a helmet (concussions are very dangerous) and goggles (I know those are available because I've seen dogs wearing them on motorcycles) - I think they are called DOGGLES  ... (I could probably use those for riding with DAD on the mountain bike ANYWAY!)  Oh...and I will need a good winter (down) coat. (wow....the site even says it's for skiing!) ...

BUT it's the skis and boots that I'm having trouble locating....and then... I found THIS picture from a long time ago

Source Oregonian image 1979 article 1981
 SCORE!   A dog that really could ski!  He was Schmaltz, the skiing dachshund...whose PEOPLE had developed "four specifically designed boots and two skis" !     (What amazing People!)

                      So NOW my HOPE is changing to POSSIBILITY!

Where to start?  Anyone OUT there have any ideas?  Can you help come up with a plan to get some ONE to design ME some of these special boots and skis?  I still have time...the first flakes are just fallin' ...the mountain's not open yet, but soon the chairlifts will be up and running and the PEOPLE will GO skiing (without me!) 

I just know I can shuss with the best of them....Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety!  I could even be named to the next Olympic Alpine Team...if I only had THOSE specifically designed skis and boots!

For now though, I will just practice signing autographs....

                                               (the Downhill’n Dog)

Thanks to Blog Hop Hosts Two Little Cavaliers, Life With Dogs, and Confessions of the Plume!