Monday, November 21, 2011

Magnetic Forces

Dad says I am drawn to  Mom's magnetic forces. 

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                                         I say it's more like Follow the Leader.

She doesn't think she deserves such admiration, but I beg to differ. Sometimes it's almost as if she can read my mind.  Mom knows just how to make me feel loved.  If I am hungry, she feeds me. When I am sick, she helps me.  When necessary, she even drives me to see Dr. Scott.  We go on long walks together. 

 Her lap fits me just right.  The body massages she gives are the BEST!  She is HOME almost all the time, which makes following her EVERYWHERE a whole lot easier. 

Waiting just outside the door for Mom

She actually notices when I am NOT following.  One time Dad went out the front door to take the flag down or something and I went out there with him.  It's fun to get to go out there because there's a pond where all the birds take baths and every once in a while I see a chipmunk out there.  Anyway....I was busy watching for one of those and before I knew it, Dad had gone back in the house and closed the door.  "Hey! forgot me!"

Mom figured it out fairly quickly.  She noticed right away I wasn't at her feet.  "Scrappy!  Where are you?"  

Mom asks Dad.  Have you seen Scrappy?  Dad thinks for a minute...."Oh oh...I might know where she is!"  He proceeds to open the front door and THERE I am....sitting there JUST waiting for them to let me back in!  (Mom never lets me leave the deck unless she's outside with me)  BECAUSE she's the boss..the leader of the pack! 

I go where she goes.  She gets no privacy.  If she's up to her nose in the bubble bath, I am there curled up on the rug by the tub.  If she is doing laundry, I am there with her...supervising or jumping in the pile of hot dryer clothes she is about to fold.   If she is in her office working, I am there ON my bed at her feet. 

 If she is preparing food in the kitchen, again my place is at her feet or on my bed.  (I have several of those beds...because she SPOILS me)

Wherever she goes, I go.  If she leaves, I get nervous.  The rest of my people tell Mom I whine a little and act crazy until she finally arrives back home.  I  watch for her car out the window.  I bark and run to the door to meet her, greet her and jump up and down.

She is my world.  She is my everything.  She is MINE~

The best place in the world is under the covers curled up by her tummy. 

So maybe it's true.  That might just be where the magnet is! 

Drawing me in...

Mom's Magnetic Forces


  1. I think it could be true? Maybe there is a magnet - I'm glad you have so much fun with your Mum - I think she's your bestie friend!?

    I follow my Mum around a lot too - I always like to keep an eye on her - do what she's doing - you know how it is - plus I want to be ready when she picks up my lead - yay!! :)

    Have a fun day buddy, glad you joined in the blog hop - woohoo!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. It sounds like you have the best mom in the whole wide world. You are such a loyal pup to sit outside the door! Ruff!

  3. Such a cute Yorkie! I can just imagine how freaked out mom must have been when she realized Scrappy was locked out. :) Glad everything worked out okay!

  4. Hi Y'all!

    Doesn't sound like too much mischief there Scrappy...but then girls are much better behaved than us guys. Must say, slippin' out with your Papa the way you did was kind of naughty.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. OH, I AGREE! Mom is where it is at! Ugh, sometimes I know she knows exactly what I am thinking while Dad just stares at me like I have a paw growing out of my face!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following. One of my best friends had the sweetest Yorkie, Lizzie. I just loved her. Can't wait to hear more about Scrappy.

    I'm afraid that in our house the man is the magnet because he is the one who takes the dawgs

  7. This post is just so adorable and warmed heart:)))

    Thanks for joining the hop today! It is so nice to meet you.


  8. super cute! parents need to be supervised ;)

  9. I understand completely! My mom is my everything, too. I get so upset when she leaves for work in the morning ...I know she will always come back, but I still hate to see her go.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Sounds like your mama IS a magnet!! I follow both mom and dad like that and there's been times ive been trapped in bathrooms and closets because they didn't know I was following so close.

    yuki and rocket

  11. Sounds like your mom has the force with her! And it sounds like the best place to be!! :)

  12. This is a great post! Chloe was always like that with me....always! Until we rescued Chloe has kind of moved over to follow my husband...and LadyBug follows me everywhere! The magnets are at work here in our house!!

  13. Awww... love the sleepy picture, and goldens don't know the meaning of privacy either. :)

  14. Magnetic forces. Love it! Thankfully I have magnetic forces, too, which attract my big babies, Lucy and Jeffie. They totally know what Scrappy is barking about :-D

  15. You two are so lucky to have each other. What a neat way to describe your relationships too.

    I just have one request. Can you have your humans post some pictures from your yard. It sounds wonderful.