Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shock & Awe

Dearest TigerLily

Here is the Scrappy truth!  Your people need to get READY!   ~ YOU are going to rock their world!  You are going to A.maze your people with your Loyalty, Sassiness and Bravery!  That is the YORKIE way!  Even though you are yet a LITTLE nervous and STILL in a wee bit in shock of this world and in total AWE of  all its WONDER, THIS is just the beginning of  all you have YET to SEE and learn and discover!  Just you wait!!!

SO far,  your first few days are looking an awful LOT like my {many years ago} first days on Earth.
Me, the Scrappy One as a Baby

I remember them well.  I was scared at first, but soon I felt LOVED ~ adored!  There was a Black Lab named Shadow then that I also played with 
Me, the Scrappy One and Shadow

and she learned to be gentle with me just as your Kootenai is figuring out with LITTLE precious you.  

TigerLily nose-2-nose with her Kootenai
Lucky you!  You ALREADY have a best friend.  Shadow was mine for many years.  On Earth, Friends are not only necessary, they are the Secret to everything Good in Life.  

They teach you How to be. How to Love.  How to Grow.
They are with you when you need them the most...In those moments when you think you are lost or distraught, it is THEN that your friend will come and just BE with you will never feel alone.  

A friend walks along with you the whole way.

Their Light will shine in you and show you the way.
So Be in Awe.  Friendship is one of the greatest joys of the journey. 

Just Trust.


                                     And don't forget that you also have a friend in me, the Scrappy One.

I am with you always.  Watching Over you.  Guiding you,  from above