Thursday, March 8, 2012

L. I. F. E.

                                          Sincere Apologies from me, the Scrapster...

                                                              It's been awhile...

                            Can't tell it all in one'll have to spill out a little at a time...

                                    Where have I  been and what have I been up to?


L is for love.  That day back in February, you know...the one with all the hearts, candies, flowers, poetry and jewels...yes....DIAMONDS truly are a girl's best friend.

That sweet virtual twitter-friend of mine...(Jakey)...sent me the biggest VALENTINE box ever...

overflowing with all of the above and more.  He even sent me my very own lighthouse that I am to light every night!   It is wonderful to be SO adored.  My peeps are really wondering about all this crazy love stuff....especially the boys at our house.  The Scrapster thinks they could learn a few things from virtual Jakey! 

Girls like need to be showered with homemade gifts, anything pink, new bathrobes, warm fuzzy fleece and naturally, jewels fit for a Queen. 

I is for incisions...a few, unfortunately...and perhaps another in my near future:(  A normal visit to Dr. Scott to check up on the ticker...some of you know I have an enlarged heart...(I guess I  love too much!)  Anyway, I take a daily pill to keep it from getting any larger and it was time to do the x-ray to make sure there was no change...and that part of the visit went well....then mom asked Dr. Scott about some other things she had been wondering about....a little black spot growing slowly in the very corner of my eye right near my tear duct...if you look very closely in an old photo, you can see it

...well, not anymore...Dr. Scott said it was Melanoma and we should Laser it away.  He told us Melanoma's not AS serious as it is for humans, but that in my case, it would continue to grow larger and eventually impede my eyesight and tear duct.  Then he looked at the bump that my peeps had discovered up behind my rib cage on my left side....a lil tumor...and we all decided it needed to come out too...I was devastated when Mom left me there that day.  Seemed like a dirty trick to me!  Then came more bad news...while sedated, Dr. Scott found that I had clogged glands back there he drained the fluid out.  Apparently dogs needed "those" glands back years and years ago, but not really anymore.   Sometimes they get clogged up, I guess.  Anyway, two weeks of wearing jammies and when left alone - the dreaded cone of shame.  Finally, the stitches came out.  I knew that meant the other four letter word would be coming soon after....B A T H...but first...Dr. Scott checked out the glands and lo and behold, they were all full again and infected.  Now I am taking two more pills - antibiotics - for that.  IF the pills don't work...Doc says the glands will have to be removed:(    It's kind of gross and a little disgusting, but you can read more about this embarrassing problem if you dare.  I don't actually have any of the normal symptoms, so this came as a bit of a surprise.   L.I.F.E.

Which brings me to, friends and faith.  We have been cycling through L.I.F.E over the last month relying mostly on FAITH to get through some difficult times with close friends and family members.  In fact, the peeps will be attending a funeral tomorrow wearing bright and bold colors in memory of a good friend who has crossed over in a surprise turn of events.  L.I.F.E throws curve balls sometimes.  This is why it's always good to have a rock to stand on...a foundation to build from...some ONE to carry you when you feel you can't walk on your own anymore.

E -  Every moment of every day is a gift.  For you and for me.  Truly a Gift.  May you go out in the world today and just KNOW that!  

                  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Close your eyes and just be thankful for the GIFT.