Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dock Snoozing in Black and White

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Backpacking Adventure ~ Scrappy Style

It's all about the getting OUT there...

we (My main mom Peep and I) go hiking almost everyday, but usually it's just a few miles for exercise.

When the boys take us on THEIR adventures,'s just WAY more OUT there!

Just so you know...we (even without the boys) are always PREPARED.   It IS the wilderness after all!  We carry Bearspray  (A MUST here in Montana!) and also a SPOT  ~ one never knows what could happen!  Great tools for safety AND security! 

My Peep says her boots are made for walkin'

Summer HIKES are great, but Backpacking Adventures are the BEST...

Last weekend, we decided to get out there....Here we are on the first trek of our HIKE....

There's a LOT to carry...sleeping bags, tent(s), food, my Scooby chair...

The best seat at the fire-pit!

Yep...Dad even carried that in!  Just another one of many reasons why Mom says he's a KEEPER... He loves us girls SO much! 

One of the most important things on a hike is that I  insist on being the leader.

Only I, the Scrapster, can do it RIGHT!

It's all about knowing everything about the woods.

Did you notice my tether?  Yep.  If I am not leashed, I am getting a ride in my Pet-a Roo

We learned THAT lesson the hard way!   There were a few mushrooms along the trail....

Here's the thing about Mushrooms (if you haven't already read my Toxic Hike post)

Sometimes...certain times of the year...they can be attractants and poisonous to us DOGS!

There are also some other WONDERFUL (yummy) things in the woods of Montana...

like Huckleberries!    

There are endless trails to explore and rarely will you come across any others deep in the woods.

Look at the jungle view from my Scrappy prospective!  Talk about Tunnel Vision!

FINALLY, we arrived where we were going to camp...

at the river's edge!

You have no idea how much I   LOVE rivers...I couldn't wait to get in! 

There is almost Nothing better than Pawing for FISH!

Life is GOOD in the woods

Like I said just never know what's going to happen in the woods of Montana....

All of a sudden...the youngest said..."Somethin's comin!  Do you hear that?" 

and hear it, we did...all sorts of ruckus! sliding and noise like something really big comin' right at us! 

THEN, we spotted it!   Thankfully, across the river!

This Black Bear had NO idea we were there....we watched him feed along the steep hillside...

I had NO idea what this thing was....I wasn't scared...just mom was!

I watched very intently and quietly ~ much to Dad's surprise.

until Dad finally whistled at this thing!  THEN, I barked!

(we wanted to make our presence known...better than catching it off guard)

Didn't even PHASE it.

It just meandered along the river searching for more food, only looking back at us once.

Are you relieved?  Mom was. 

I just became more curious!

We spent more time enjoying the and basking in the sun.

Then we set up camp.

One of the greatest things about where we live is how late it is when it finally gets dark.

Here I am enjoying the warmth of the fire as the sun is setting...

In the tent, I sleep extremely well..never moving, all wrapped up in my peep's down vest between their sleeping bags...

the youngest doesn't sleep as well...

hmmm...wonder why? Thoughts of bears perhaps?

It is so cold in the morning, I have to wear my coat.

We have breakfast and fish some more...

HIKE back out and once I get home and have the dreaded must have after a night in the woods bath...

I sleep and dream of fishing with the bear....pawing at the fish

Scrappy Style

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Rocky Road

He's a good furiend to me.  A gentle giant who likes to nuzzle my lil nose...He is my ROCKY

He is only 8 and late last fall, sadly he was diagnosed with Lymphoma

We said our goodbyes before he left for warmer weather in Mexico, as we weren't sure he would make it through the winter....

But he came back to Montana in the spring and although he has good days and bad days,
my pal ROCKY is still (thankfully) doing okay!


Cancer is the worst.  It's not welcome in any of our lives, yet it shows up anyway.

It takes our days and brings worry and eats at our goodness one bite at a time.

Cancer is not fair.  It does not discriminate.  None of us are immune from it's ravage.

Not animals, not family, friends, not even children.

All the Whys in the World cannot Answer to Cancer

So ...we have to cherish the days and the moments we have!

Live while the living is good.

Play More

Sleep Less

Spend Time Together

We can't wait for Tomorrow


Time is fleeting

May God Bless those whose road is Rocky

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