Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Walk to Feel Better

The first 72 hours after were supposed to be the roughest....and I would say that SUNday was definitely the most painful...

Believe me, it WAS bad.

Yet, this morning...I started to show signs of my lil 'ole self...for one thing...I  wanted to eat...(had to be coaxed the first few days)

Also, I  barked at noises outside and even got off my bed at one point to look outside.

That's when she knew...  it was TIME for a walk to feel better.

I had been going outside, but it was limited.  And wet and rainy.

Today, the sun started to shine.  She said the words...and yes...I wanted to GO

So we went on a short walk to help me feel better.

Off leash, without the inflatable cone, to the field just down the street.


Running free without the thought of Youch for a few moments

                                                                felt pretty good

Monday, May 28, 2012

Recovering From Surgery YOUCH!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yep.....it's true...things progressively got worse "back there" and last Friday, my peeps took me early in the morning to Dr. Scott for one really horrible procedure....YOUCH... that's all I can say at this moment....I am still on lots of pain meds and antibiotics and today was supposed to be the worst of it according to the good doctor....He better be right, cuz I am SO ready for this to be OVER! 

Here's the deal....I made too many trips to Dr. Scott with problems "back there"....we tried everything...many doses of antibiotics....I kept getting abscesses....not pleasant....we even tried injecting antibiotic gel into the glands....that worked for about three weeks and back the abscesses came!  Doc said it would be best to just remove those glands all together...YOUCH

                              SO that's what we DID!   YOUCH

My peeps and I have a great deal of faith in Dr. Scott, afterall he saved me from that toxic mushroom!  It does seem a bit drastic to remove them all together, but my tail was down more than it was up and that's what convinced my peeps.  Life is just TOO short. 

Hoping tomorrow things start looking UP for me and my BACKSIDE....

 I dare not SHOW you because 1)  It's quite disgusting  2) It's very embarrassing and 3) This blog is G-rated:)  

Furiends, just be thankful your glands work...and for my friends, be glad you don't have any to start with!  Doc said when he removed mine, they disintegrated because they were so badly diseased....YOUCH

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Peoples

It's been awhile.  Too Long.  My sincere Apologies!  Time and circumstances have limited my posts to Wordless Wednesday and virtually NO time to visit others' blogs and for that, I am truly sorryOne post surely will not suffice to explain why I haven't been able to blog lately.  It's alittle  ALOT because of what my peeps have been facing in their tiny part of the world.  I have good peeps.  Really wonderful peeps and rest assured all is well with them at the moment, but ...over the past few months my peeps have had to be there for some of their "best" other peeps, who SADLY have been facing some of life's biggest challenges, diseases and illnesses...frightening and DIFFICULT realities. 

LIFE can be HARD sometimes.  That is the Scrappy Truth...and
it has me wonderin'  why do bad things happen to good peoples?  I am ALMOST at a loss for words.  This rarely happens to me, the Scrapster.  I usually have lots to say and plenty of wisdom about faith, determination and strength.  All of those are amazing traits that humans seem to inherently have... But some things are just hard to explain - life's BIGGEST and scariest happenings are just too much to bear sometimes.  I am talking about things that NO Peep should EVER have to face.. So WHY I ask? 

It can't be "FOR A REASON" although some people actually believe that kind of thing!

Definitely, out of ANYTHING bad, there is almost always some GOOD that comes...especially LONG after and "in retrospect"....more compassion, greater capacity to truly LOVE, the need to give back and perhaps see others through the difficult times, an appreciation for the simpler things in life...a new found respect for another sunrise, time with loved ones and the warmth of a smile or hug from another person....but how is it that in a world that is so full of amazing and miraculous scenery, animals, and peoples that BAD just HAPPENS ?

and how and why is it that it seems to HAPPEN to those who least deserve it, who have the BIGGEST hearts...

It's SO hard to watch the sufferings of others and to feel helpless to what the outcome may truly be.  Some things are just out of a human's control, that's all.   Try as they may, humans just have to hang on to that one small ray of  HOPE...Sadly, being born into this world does not guarantee freedom from difficulty, sadness, grief, or obstacles to overcome. 

Without sharing too much of what my peeps have been facing in their world, I can tell you that their days have been filled with listening, encouraging, praying and believing in miracles... They worry, they comfort, they give of themselves in the best way they know how because that is what they KNOW to do for others in times of need. 

Image source https://www.facebook.com/Beyondtheveil1111

In a crisis, people don't always know how to help and those GOING through the crisis, don't very often ASK for help.  When someone is IN a crisis....help where you think they need it the most...even if they insist they are "okay", there are things that need doing.  Always.  Just figure out how to help without imposing.  Distraction will not work.  Their every thought and moment is consumed with what they are going through.  They may not be able to sleep or eat...that lump in their throat is a constant now...they will be operating in a sort of FOG - on autopilot and their thoughts and memory will be clouded.  Try not to tell them they need to rest or they need to eat.  They know that.  They just CAN'T right now... they will eventually.  When something THIS big happens, it's like being thrown off a cliff.  They are flailing, falling hard, full of fear and disbelief and at some point they know they have to land...they just have no idea what it's going to be like when they do.  The days can be long, hard to face and exhausting.  They feel SICK and their bodies ache all over.  They need people who can support them by lending an ear and voicing little wisdom.  Don't pretend you know what they're going through and don't assume you can possibly understand.  Experiences are as unique and different as we all are.  Cry with them.  Hold them if they need holding.  Let them know you care by just showing up and not staying too long.  Give them space and time. 

                                    Keep Praying  and Holding onto Hope. 

They will somehow - by the GRACE of God - get through this...perhaps not fully intact, but likely with a gaping hole in their heart that over time, they will somehow "adapt" to...

This I know for sure.  The world is full of hearts that have been broken, shattered and have BIG holes....at first, people with these fractured hearts have trouble walking around that way, but deep down, they somehow come to the realization that they have to eventually move forward and so they move their feet  - shuffling them at first - but finally, they learn to put one foot in front of the other and just keep going.  What often amazes them as they are moving along in the process is that while they were effectively once "standing still", the rest of the world just kept on spinning. 

At some point, way down the road (after many many steps) to their surprise, they will notice the sun rising.  They will finally look up and feel the warmth on their face and soak in their first ray of a new and perhaps different beginning.  They will come to know that somehow....they actually landed.  It might not have been a smooth landing, but at least their feet are on the ground!  They will then KNOW for sure that there is still good in this world and there is so much to be grateful for, to see and to marvel at and to experience.  That hole can never be filled...but now they are learning to live with it. 

The WHY will never be known.  (Not on earth, anyway)  We will just have to keep wondering.  Perhaps someday...the answers will be clearly given when instead of  falling, we are raised far beyond the sun and the clouds.