Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Lil Peep Visits

I love people.  That's one of the reasons I started blogging.  People are fascinating creatures.  I like watching them.  They think they are in charge of us.  We animals know that truly it is WE who are the rulers of all....

Yesterday, one of the littlest peeps I know needed a keeper for the day, so this little guy arrived - (still in his jammies) at the crack of dawn.  This lil guy was only staying for the day, yet he showed up with SO much stuff, I thought for a minute, he was MOVING in.  His Dad first unloaded a stroller from the back of the pick-up and placed it by the outside entry.  Then he carried the lil guy in his arms to my mom and we all said our proper Good Mornings (Mine is just a tad barkier than theirs)  Then this Dad made two more trips to the truck and back with a huge duffle bag and a special seat for the car.  That contraption alone barely fit through the door!  With a kiss for luck, this lil peep's Dad was on his way to a very important job.

                  It was at that exact moment that I realized I had my work cut out for the day. 

The lil guy needed fuel for the day, so Mom got him sat up at the table and gave him some breakfast.  I had to get up close and see what this peep was getting to eat. 

We just wanted to be closer to each other, so Mom put me up on the chair right next to lil Peep.
We both thought THAT was very necessary.

Just after breakfast, I thought we both needed a game to break the ice, so to speak...

He took it a little more seriously than I did at first, but within moments, I had him smiling and laughing at our lil Tug of War

Then...Mom said we had to get ready for the day and we proceeded to get clothes and other important items out of that duffle bag.  Mainly Diapers and Wipes.
Good thing this lil Guy's Dad brought a lot of those.  We would find later in the day that more and more of those items would be mandatory.

Then I mostly was entertained by this peep's antics. 

Hey-those are MOM's shoes, you silly!

Mom thankfully decided after a little while we needed a little fresh air, so we headed out for walk #1.

I got a lil ride just for fun!

This lil guy needed to eat again and after that I hopped onto his duffle bag.  Lil Peep thought that was pretty funny and came over, whispered some secrets and then I got me some Toddler Hugs. 

Lil Peep then went down for a nap.  I  GET that.  Scrappy Truth, though.  I missed him. 

After he woke, we played more games.  Mostly I fetched.  He threw.  That made him giggle.

Following another clothing and diaper change, we ventured out for walk #2

Just look at Lil Peep's cute Lil Boots

His Mom showed up a lil after this and loaded all of his stuff into her car.  (He was pretty excited when she showed up at the door.)  I wagged for him.  Moms are just the best.

What a great day! Lil Peeps are amazing.   They live in the moment and their emotions are so very raw.  I love how the world looks through their eyes.  All new.  All wondrous
 Ever curious.  Lil Peeps just breathe Happiness

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching up on Awards

Oh. My. Goodness.  Still dealing with my goopy ears.  I bet I could win some Award for greasiest ears!  Just 5 days and then just like Amber pointed out, I am probably getting the dreaded bath.

oh oh.  this pic might affect my usual cuteness factor!

Now back to business!  I am way behind in thanking and bestowing Awards. 

How do I ever catch up? 

First of all....I received another Liebster Award 

from Helen at Whiskered Paintings.  Thank you!  Please head over to her site and check out her work - I only WISH I had the artistic talent she has.  Her work is amazing. 

I also recieved two Pawsome Blogger Awards

the first from Sis Kootenai and the second from Tootsie ....THANK YOU THANK YOU!  This award is given to bloggers who bring fun, love, laughs and furiendship.  I am  humbled, but SO honored. 

With this award, I am to pass it on to 5 bloggers who have done the same for here are my 5 latest blog finds and picks....Now go visit and you will know why I think they are pawsome!

Gardening with Wyatt - An Airdale with lovely colors like a Yorkie.  He lives with Stanzie and they have wonderful photos on their blog.  Check out their post about what their fortune cookie said!  Too funny!

At a Glacial Place - Glacier and Jess have started up a new page in time for the Valentine's Pawty called Yummers for Your Sweetie -  proceeds helping Foster Mom - check it out!

Pogo the Poodle -Fluffy tufts.   Pogo just started tweeting, so that is exciting in itself!

Tiffy's World - Tiffy looks a little like Moi and she holds a special place in my heart because she has the same name as my mom's first yorkie.  Tiffy could not be more adorable.  From the looks of it, she better build a bigger trophy case!

Jazzi's World  -Jazzi is wondering if having a chair at the table is begging.  What?  NO, ofcourse not!  Stop by and let Jazzi know what your opinion is!

And Last - and certainly NOT the least - Daisy bestowed this lovely award to me, the Scrapster

I love this award because its purpose is simply to recognize the efforts of fellow blogger and to let them know that their work is appreciated... Today, I gladly give this award away to one of my faboulous blogger furiends....the one who faithfully blogs and comments away and always makes my tail wag.....Dachsund Nola  CONGRATS!

Friday, January 20, 2012

SnowGuess Winner and Tricked by Mom

It 's been quite a week.  Records were broken in at least one city of Montana for the amount of snowfall in a twenty-four hour period.  Before the BIG storm, meteorologists projected forty inches in four days in many of the mountains of our great state!  Weather people seem to sometimes have difficulty forecasting the weather here though, so I challenged you to estimate how much would really fall.  So do you think my peeps now need to shovel a path for me just so I can do my business?  Here is the Scrappy truth.  A lot more snow fell south of us....but when it was all said and done...(actually it's NOT done; the snow is still falling)  our local ski resort reported....drum roll....wait for it....twenty-two new inches of snowfall over the four day period. 

SO, without further a-doo, my tail is wagging for 2browndogs, (actually the very first blogger to forecast) the big winner of a NYLABONE from me, the Scrapster for guessing closest at twenty-one inches!   Congrats!  Please send your mailing address to me at yorkietails at gmail dot com so that my peeps can get that package mailed off to you by the beginning of the work week!  Who at your house will get the Nylabone?  Freighter the new puppy?  Please paw me and let me know!   I am so excited for you to be NOW known as the Snowstormin' forecastin dogs!

The SNOW has been great, but unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to venture out much in it  yet.  Wondering why?  After posting my snowy night pics for wordless Wednesday and mom working a bit lot on her computer, I got all happy when mom went to the closet and got this out...

                          Always a good sign.  Means I get to go with - very exciting!

We loaded up into the car.  About 15 minutes later, I realized I'd been tricked.  Oh no!  Not this place!  I know THIS place.  Instantly I became gripped with fear!  She noticed.  Tried to tell me "Oh, Scrappy, it'll be okay!"!  I don't think so! 

She greets the receptionist and makes a comment about how scared I am to be there..."Just feel this bag shake!", she says.  Totally tricked by Mom!

She takes me out and I cling to her.  Then she puts me on the cold stainless steel scale and says "Stay"!  Apparently, I gained a few ounces...(is that good or bad?)  Then she scoops me up and tries to calm me while we wait. 

See my ears back?  See me quiverin'?
                                               Then look what this way wanders!

I am curious about this kitty with a lion cut at first...but then, I get nervous when the kitty stands up on her hind legs and seems to want to climb in my bag !  What are you doing Lion Cat? Not my new bag!  My Nylabone is in there. 

Saved (sort -of) by Dr. Scott.  Mom puts me on the COLD exam table and holds on while he checks me over everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.

 Mom tells him I woke up shaking my silly little head.  Hmmm.  "Well, let's have a look." He gets close to my ear and I give out a good yelp.  "Scrappy, you are so dramatic, I'm not even in your ear yet!"    Mom has to help hold me still.  He proceeds to tell Mom both ears look red and pretty suspicious.  That's when he gets the Q-Tip thingy out.  YIKES!  Mom holds me tight again and in each of my ears that thing goes and I ...well, I got a little wiggly. 

Then out came the needles.  No!   C'mon Mom.  This isn't fair.  You didn't tell me we were even going here, let alone it that it was time for my shots!  In the scruff of my neck Dr. Scott goes with the, two, and then three.  Please, please put me back in my bag now!

The Lion Cat is still there watching.  Laughing silently (I am sure!)

"Bacterial Infection - just ten days of this stuff deep in the ear canal and she'll be feelin' better!"

WHAT?  Greasy ears all clogged up with goop for ten whole days? 

Back in the bag.  I am not feelin' too good.  We arrive home and I make my way to my bed, my tail between my legs! I feel mopey.  I get a little sick.  Mom loves me up.  I milk it the rest of the day.
                                                                           I   rest.

A few days later, my head is lookin' pretty greasy.  The back of my neck is finally starting to feel better.  I can't hear anything.  This stuff better work after all I've been goin' through! 

This morning, Mom got the bag out again.  I was understandably leary

We just ran errands though.  Went to all those great places where they tell me how cute I am and try to give me treats.  I  milk that for all it's worth too.  Cute counts.  Greasy, but still cute.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Taking Bets - Did I Ask for It or What?

Forty inches in Four Days expected in the mountains.   MANY of you said "Be Careful What You Wish For!"

Winter Storm Warning now in effect.  I am taking bets.  The Closest in guessing how much snow we actually will get as measured by inches at the local Ski Resort will get a New Nylabone from me, the SCRAPSTER!  Will the meteorologists be right or wrong?  Apparently, our weather is almost impossible to predict....Many of our storms go south and JUST miss us completely.  (Let's hope not though, because we need this for sure!)

Those weather people never seem to get the forecast right.  Where is my furiend Schmitty The Weather Dog when you need an experienced weather reader?

In preparation for the Big Storm, I  am doing the following things....

Trying out my new winter parka (again) just because I look pretty good in it and it's very warm!

This morning, I took a survey of the back yard, checking out all the places and smells I won't get to after all that deep snow arrives!  

                                                             Getting Shovel Ready....

See the snow flakes starting?
                                Well, usually I just Supervise that shoveling from IN Here

                                                            sometimes BARKING orders!

                        And Now I am Hunkering down for the Four Days of Waiting

Be sure and leave your prediction in the comments section below.  Winner will be announced Saturday!

And maybe, just maybe....if you are better at forecasting than the weather people here,
then you can become the SnowStormin Predictor Dog!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Wonder Where the Snow All Landed

                                             It's the shortest winter on record.  It came.....

and now it's gone...

I go out every day and hope....

It's a Winter Wonder Where the Snow All  Landed

Word apparently all landed in Cordova, Alaska

The National Guard's been called in.

They've reportedly received fifteen feet since November.

Roofs are caving in.  Twent eight days of school have been missed.

A Russian Ice Breaker is trying to get much needed fuel to Nome.

Yorkie to the Rescue

Mom says Keep Dreaming

The Snow Will Come

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Rare Glimpse

Here it is...that rare glimpse of the ONE I am magnetically drawn to...

today, though I am people-sitting her as she is feeling under the weather.  It's an important job and I will be keeping vigil all day long!  Snuggling and Cuddling is the plan today...probably won't be able to comment away much on your posts today:(   Please forgive me!  I will catch up when she is feeling better!

Feel free to comment here or over at Coffee With a Canine where she spills the goods on me!

Now...back to people-sitting...A Dog's work is never done!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the Podium - Sort Of

all worn out after Christmas and New Year's

Over the the middle of all the craziness, I received another Liebster Award from Christine at   Thank You,  Thank You!

I am honored and thrilled!  Being that I am barely over the blogging 100 day mark,  this really is pretty special.

Some of you may have read about my dream to be an Olympic skier.  Over Christmas, somehow that post amazingly became this blog's most popular one to date.  "Wow" is all I can say to that!  For me, wanting to ski merely stemmed from little ole me being sad to always get left at home ALONE while the rest of the family heads to the mountain for a big adventure. 

Coat was Kootenai 's Christmas Gift to me.  Doggles from Santa:)

I may never win an Olympic Medal for skiing....A Dog Can still Dream....Mom gets alittle carried away sometimes...she put a medal around my neck and put me up on the podium with all my new gear - still don't have the skis or boots...and then she started singing the National Anthem and snapped this silly photo.  She told me after receiving all these awards, I  deserved a stand on the podium....oh dear...Sarge, I  think my mama peep might just be a Flake!

Back to the most recent Award....

Again, thank you Christine!

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, you must do the following:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award
3. Pick your five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award...
Here are my picks to bestow this lovely Award no order...some of these do not show number of followers, but I am honoring them anyway...Congrats to

                                                          These Bloggers!

1) Jane's Jewels  - She is one of my newest followers and she has the cutest lil pup EMMA with a page of her own!  Check this blog out - you will keep going back for more!

2) Tootsie - Also a new furiend....all the way across the ocean...her humor and wit are really worth a follow!     

3) Gracie - who apparently owns her human Bobbi   BOL   For some odd reason, this blog I can really relate to!

4) Kip and Kim - always fun to see what they are up photos too!

5) Suka - Suka has a lot to say....and it is always pawed so artfully. 

Congrats fellow, get up on that podium, stand tall and proud and spread the Liebster Love!