Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Wish Countdown #25

                                                                Just one wish a day. 

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                                                              The first one's easy.

                                                             Mend all broken hearts.

  Mine. Yours. That family whose pet has been missing. The child whose life has been turned upside down for one reason or another.  The grandparent who has dementia.  That close friend that has just been diagnosed with cancer.  The parents whose child suddenly died.   A co-worker whose entire family just lost everything they own in a fire. The neighbor who is unemployed.

Each and every day... somewhere ...someone's heart is breaking for one reason or another. 

Sometimes when I am outside, I hear never ending sirens and  I think...whose lives have been changed forever on this day?!  Whose HEART is being fractured today?

I wish there was some way to ease that pain and take away that sorrow...that lump that we ALL get in our throat in the moment JUST before we know we are ABOUT to cry.

If I could take a heart and make it new again...without any bruises, without any stress fractures whatsoever...without any aches or pains...without the clogging and the crowding of all the excess stuff that is causing so much sadness, grief or hurt ...

I would want THAT!

Mend all Broken Hearts

25 days left for wish countdown...what is your wish on this first ADVENT day?


  1. That is the most beautiful wish I've ever heard. May your heart be mended as well.

  2. That IS a beautiful wish and one we should all have! Hope you have a beautiful day! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. That is such a beautiful wish. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I agree with everyone who already commented. What a beautiful wish.......a wish that is truly unselfish. Thank you for a terrific post today.

  5. Ditto - what a wonderful, HEARTfelt wish, Scrappy - thank you; I will see differently at everyone today.

  6. Healing the hearts of the world is a great start. You sure don't start out small puppy! Love ya sis!

  7. That was a wonderful wish, Scrappy!!! You are one cool pup!

  8. That is a beautiful wish! But without the bitter would the sweet taste as sweet?

  9. Oh Little Scrappy, thank you for placing this beautiful wish out there for all of us to think about.

    It will be on our minds and hopefully we will be a little kinder and more understanding as we go about our days.

    Bert and My vickie

  10. That is just perfect Scrappy!

  11. What a beautiful wish, Scrappy. You are a sweet pup. I couldn't think of a better wish for the first day.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with your wish. And just think - if hearts could be mended, love just might prevail. And where there's love, there's forgiveness. And where there's forgiveness, there are no wars. What a perfect world you'd have started with just one wish! :)

  13. What an awesome wish. That is one we should all want. Too many broken hearts recently. This is the season for glad tidings.