Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Wish Countdown #15

                                                              Just one wish a day...

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#25 to Mend All Broken Hearts
#24 for all to have A Proper Nest
#23 to Give Selflessly
#22 to Remember to Look Up
#21 Delight in the Sweetness of Christmas
#20 Reflect on Favorite Years' Past
#19 to Play for Him pa rum pum pum pum
#18 to Begin or Uphold Family Traditions
#17 May you be inspired to Sing With the Angels
#16 Deck the Halls and Find Christmas Cheer
                                            My wish for you today is that you MIGHT by chance be

                                                            Kissed Under the Mistletoe

It happened to me, the Scrapster, this afternoon.  I was just standing there...below the doorway where the youngest had just hung the MISTLETOE....(it was IF he was just WAITING  to trap ME!)....he grabbed me, picked me up and gave me a BIG squeeze and a KISS!  Of course, I thought it was a GAME he was playing, so I growled (for fun)....he laughed and told me how much he LOVES me.   That sure made my day! ...SO that's what got me wishing for you to possibly GET caught in that place....right there below the mistletoe...

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I promise GETTING kissed under that entryway will warm your heart.  It might even be FUN!  There are some who say it will bring you GOOD Luck.  We could all use some of that in our lives! 

Others believe kissing under the berries will bring GOODWILL ...a willingness, a cheerfulness, a generous spirit...a caring heart.  Who cannot want that?

Yet others say that kissing under the Mistletoe will bring you

freedom from conflict, a calm in the middle of a storm, a sort of serenity in your everyday life.

Goodness...Generosity....(Less Anger, Noise, Anxiety)...and Love....all wrapped up in a cute little kiss planted gently on your cheek.

That is MY wish for you...that chance find you standing there...

Just Waiting

to Be Kissed Under the Mistletoe


  1. Lovely wish. We will have to try that. We like to be hugged and kissed.

    the 2 brown dawgs

  2. Awwww, that is so sweet, and you are so cute and kissable.

  3. You're funny Scrappy, I can just imagine the scene, all sweet until you growl - haha!

    I think I'm ok without extra kisses, cos my Mum insists on planting a kiss on me way too often - sometimes I just have to shake my head and tell her to get off, enough!! I'm not a puppy you know! Think of my reputation...... :)

    Now, if it was one of my Doggy girlfriends and the mistletoe, then that would be different! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. I think I need to get my mom to hang one of those things. Sounds like a great wish

  5. So sweet - such a nice wish!

  6. I hopes dat you get lots more kisses before da holly-days are over!


  7. That's a great wish for rocket, he loves kisses. Me not so much, I have to be held down and given treats before I let mom give me a kiss.