Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wish #4

                                                          Just One Wish A Day...

Image Source: Salvatore Vuono 
  Portfolio is:
  #25 to Mend All Broken Hearts
#24 for all to have A Proper Nest
#23 to Give Selflessly
#22 to Remember to Look Up
#21 Delight in the Sweetness of Christmas
#20 Reflect on Favorite Years' Past
#19 to Play for Him pa rum pum pum pum
#18 to Begin or Uphold Family Traditions
#17 May you be inspired to Sing With the Angels
#16 Deck the Halls and Find Christmas Cheer
#15 by chance, May you Be Kissed Under the Mistletoe
#14 that you somehow find a way to Honor the One You Love and Miss in Heaven
#13 that your Gift List be Atleast Started
#12 to Pay It Forward
#11 no matter what, may You Find Hope
#10 may The Holidays Bring Amazing Surprises
#9 Cherish Time With Those You Love
#8 Do That Which Gives You Joy
#7 Believe...Just Believe...
#6 May Angels Guide You
#5 that Sugarplums Might Just Dance In Your Head

                                                                    My wish today is this:

                                                 May You  Marvel at All He Has Created

 Do you see what I see?

His Work is  Beautiful

His Creatures are Amazing

image source my human home from college

 His Heavenly Light Shines For All

      image source my human sister (Kootenai's Mom)           

May you Marvel at the Wonder of it ALL


  1. What breathtaking pictures! They are so gorgeous. I would love to see the mountains! Us humans are very lucky. Great pics of Scrappy, too!

  2. Hey Scrappy!
    Wow, what beautiful pix for today's wish! I agree that all nature and creatures are amazing.
    BTW: I finally posted about your award today. Thanks again for thinking of me!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. What perfect pictures for such a beautiful day! He is amazing, isn't He? Ruff!

  4. We humans, thinking everything is for US, forget He made everything else FIRST and gave us charge to care for Her world. Thank you for these amazing photos, esp. the elk.
    I believe I have a painting of the second to last landscape :).

  5. Those fotos are pawsome! Makes everything look so peaceful and beautiful.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    To be happy all you need to do is appreciate the beauty and majesty of this world.

    Merry Christmas Scrappy,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. I love your blog!! So glad to have found you! Beautiful pictures... just beautiful! And what a sweetheart of a Yorkie you are... Have a very merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Scrappy,

    I sure do marvel at all the beauty around us!! I went to Mammoth with my family in the summer and it was awesome!!

    I love your Rainbow picture, Rainbows are so pretty!!

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)