Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Wish Countdown #18

                                                            Just one wish a day....

Image Source: Salvatore Vuono 
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 #25 to Mend All Broken Hearts
#24 for all to have A Proper Nest
#23 to Give Selflessly
#22 to Remember to Look Up
#21 Delight in the Sweetness of Christmas
#20 Reflect on Favorite Years' Past
#19 to Play for Him pa rum pum pum pum

                                                            Today I am wishing for you to 

                                                       Begin or Uphold Family Traditions

Keep them going IF you have them...or simply start NEW ones.

Traditions bring us back to our beginnings and ground us.  They keep our story going year after year and they link us together in a memory chain that cannot be broken.

Going out into the woods and getting our tree is one of ours.  (It's an honor to be the tree about this year's hunt here.) One year, (so the story goes)....things got rather hectic at our house and the official tree hunt never happened.  Yes, a tree went up and it was very nice, but what it lacked was the memory attached to the whole "going out and getting the tree together" experience. When you have THAT, you JUST remember the tree better.  For example ...last year, on our annual tree hunt, we came across this on our adventure....

Giving us what is now known as the "moose tree"

Now it's easy to remember THAT tree because it is tied to the year we saw the moose! 

That is my wish for you today....for you to make memories through traditions, for that is what fills THE heart with joy during the holidays.

Memories like these will tie you..bind you together actually ...because traditions create moments that turn into beautiful, lifelong the ones of wonderful Christmas years' past.  It LIKELY will be the best gift you could ever wrap for your loved ones...a neat little package that your children and their children can all give to generations to come.

Make Memories this year.  Start...or Uphold Family Traditions.


  1. We love your Christmas Wish Countdown Scrappy! Traditions are so much a part of our Holiday season! Thanks for reminding us!

  2. Oh I have lots of traditions! We always put the tree up day after Thanksgiving, us dogs and cats open the stocking first, we have cheese sticks on my Gotcha Day (which is tomorrow!!!)
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Wow, this is a really sweet list! Eating ham is my personal favorite Christmas tradition. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Starting a new tradition this year with what we will have for breakfast! Paula Deens French Toast cassarole with pecans!

  5. Family traditions are important and then when children grow up and get married, they can gather new traditions. The picture of the moose is fabulous btw. :)

  6. I do my best to live up to my parent's traditions - some things never turn out the way my momma used to make! This is the best time of year for traditions, I think!

  7. I hate having to smell the DELICIOUS, TASTY, AMAZING, TENDER swedish meatballs my grandma makes...that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE! GRRR....

  8. It's really sad when traditions fall to the wayside. I would love to have the "old days" back again. In the world today there is just too much "hustle bustle" going on and so much is lost from the true meaning of Christmas. We agree with you....let's bring back the "good ole days".

  9. Our whole family has lots of traditions, and ever since I joined the family 3 years ago we have made many new ones. Traditions are what make the holidays so much fun!

    Wags N Kisses,

  10. I'm the Christmas traditionalist in my family. I find it funny though to hear the nieces or nephews talking about their favorite ones.

  11. Hi Scrappy,

    Our family has traditions too - like watching Charlie Brown movies at Halloween and Christmas - which is fun.....

    I think I could come up with some new ones too, they'd probably involve treats for me! Now that would warm my heart - AND my belly!! Tee Hee

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. Love your Christmas countdown! Like a mental health break in the midst of holiday season craziness. Thank you!