Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Wish Countdown #24

                                                          Just one wish a day....

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In case you missed it...a recap...

Christmas Wish #25 Mend All Broken Hearts

The second one is for all to have A Proper Nest

I, the Scrapster, am so fortunate to have a loving family and a place to call home.  Not everyone has a proper nest.  Human or not, it is truly a blessing to have a safe, warm, cozy place to lay your down your head when you go to sleep.  Each day my paw clicks on the HOME button on Facebook,  yet I find that there are hundreds and hundreds of posts about animals simply yearning for a place to call their own, a family to take them in....looking for LOVE and a proper nest.  Some are lost, many are abandoned, injured, ill and in need of a FOREVER home.

Proper Nests take a bit a work.  I make several nests each (and every) day.  Sometimes it's here in ONE of my normal beds...

I scratch a bit, dig my paws in, turn around and around and around in circles, maybe scratch alittle more...then, finally I lay down...and SIGH.

Othertimes, I find a blanket, sweatshirt or a pile of clothes that my people have left behind on the floor and I use my mouth to gather the warmth up all around me, move the pile around a bit with my paws, scratching here and there and circle and circle until I think the nesting spot is JUST right and plump down right in the middle of it.  Nesting gives me a sense of security, a comfortableness, a sort of calming.

It's a natural urge for all of us to nest.  Even people do it.  In fact, my Mom has been busy nesting this past week, getting the house JUST beautifully, perfectly adorned for the holidays.  She's especially excited this Christmas, I think because all of her children will be back in her nest this year to celebrate!  She nests and cleans and seems to NEED to have everything in its rightful place.   Dad likes to call her Princess and often tells her she has very own castle.   She likes that.  I am guessing that it prides her to have such a magical place (and soft pillow) to lay her head down every night. 

Some of us can feel especially lost THIS time of year, as the holidays are a reminder that love and time with family is a BIG part of the season.  Without a place to call our own or a family to share it with, this time of year can be especially hard to bare.

Home is where we all want to be at Christmas.  We all have a deep longing to feel in our own little corner of the world, surrounded by those who know and love us best. our very own Proper Nest.


  1. looks like your nest is a very comfy one!

    ♥yuki and rocket

  2. Here's to everyone finding a nest this Christmas!

  3. Oh yeah! Nesting sure is fun! I'm thinking about using one of Mom's Christmas blankets next. hehe Stay comfy and warm!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. You're so right Scrappy,

    We sure are lucky to have our nests!! You look very comfy in yours buddy!! I long for the day when everyone and everything has their very own perfect nest! :)

    So happy you're gonna have lots of family around for Christmas in your castle :) I think we're having the same here this year - I think that means us pups will get even more attention - Woohoo!! :)

    Have a fun weekend buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Love, family and a warm safe place to nest. Your right Scrappy, every human and animal should have this luxury. Holiday time helps us to remember not to take so much for granted!

  6. Nose what ya means....Me has been nestin' all day on da Momma's bed!

    Haves a nice weekend!

  7. We dogs here at Silverwalk can have nice warm blankets because our sanctuary is in a home (Mom washes and washes- hehehe) but our friends at the Humane Society can't - someone may choke on one when no one is there :(. The Humane Society could use Kuranda Beds or other durable off the floor beds. Check with your local shelters - ask them how you can help improve the temporary nests of their cats and dogs....Thanks, Scrappy!
    You look most comfy and I am so glad your Mom will have all her human children home this Christmas! Montana is a GREAT place for Christmas.

  8. Everyone should have a place to call home. We are going to wish for that today too.

  9. That is lovely. I wish all animals and people had a warm place to call home.

  10. I so hope all your wishes come true!

  11. A very nice wish and those are some adorable pictures.