Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The other day Scrappy was taken to the dog park by her mom!  For Fun.  Adventure.  To get some exercise...  and yes, to meet some new friends! . EXPERIENCE the new agility course.   Joy!    Amazing new things to try... To be free...show no fear and live in the moment!

It got the Scrapster wondering....why do you people have such an easy time socializing their dogs, but such a hard time socializing with their own human kind?  When puppies are growing, people want to show them off, so they  take them out for walks and in the car and downtown to get their confidence up, help them to accept new people, places, other animals, all sorts of new (and sometime scary) situations. 

With each new experience, a dog's confidence and ego gets boosted a little more,  they become more comfortable, well mannered, friendly and HAPPIER.  Dogs just learn to adjust to whatever social situation they are put in...( Especially if introduced on neutral turf) They will sniff each other and accept a new friend, just like that!  They have no fear, no insecurities, no reason to judge...Instead, they show pride and attitude and are SIMPLY respectful of uniqueness!     

People with other people, though...not so brave!  Oddly, their social time almost always revolves around food and beverage.  We dogs think you need to branch out a bit more and just be social for the sheer joy and happiness it brings.  Go on adventures!
Get out and exercise, go to new places, show off a little, surround yourself with others who accept you and like you for who you are... and respect you.  A little dog advice will go a long ways out there in the human world...simply love yourself.  And be nice.  Risk it a little and go out of your way to meet new friends.  (Get off leash every now and again.)  Greet each other with only kindness!  Use your best body language.    Be optimistic and believe in the good others.  Don't be anxious or nervous.  Listen and learn.  Behave.  (Use your best manners)  Be loyal and true.  Like the attention you are getting.  Try to have Fun and look for new experiences and challenges.   Exude confidence in each and every situation . Only meet on neutral ground.  SEE the goodness and feel the joy in just meeting a new found friend.  Just have (a little) faith that the way you smell is not at all offensive! 

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  1. I bet she loved the new agility course! So jealous!