Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People Could Learn Alot from Dogs -Beg for Forgiveness

Here's the thing.  Straight talk from the Scrapster.  Dogs just have it all figured out. .. and they make it look SO easy!  Truths (as only dogs know apparently)...No matter what, they are always HAPPY to see you!    You rock THEIR world by just showing up.   How many people get all GOOFY AND CRAZY AND JUMP AROUND when you come through the door every night?  (well...okay AT FIRST, your significant OTHER might've acted a little over the top, but likely that has been dampened a bit by now!)  but that tail of your dog just wags and wags without fail. 

 And how about asking for forgiveness?  Puppies just do it better!.  They have that tail they can tuck between their legs and just beg and scratch at your feet .  Their eyes, forlorn lost and SAD ...Their apologies are the REAL deal!  I am SO sorry....I really AM.  I love you.  I really DO!  It was a BIG mistake.  I promise to DO better next time.  It was SO wrong.  I KNOW I DID Wrong, but PLEASE, PLEASE (more cowering, sadness and scratching)  can you just FORGIVE me? 
Works EVERY timeOh, the power of the puppy! 

 People are not so good at apologies.  No, they make excuses.  They blame everyone but themselves.  Some build walls SO big that no one can get over them.   Many retreat to a dark place and just never  are brave enough to venture out again...they give up too easily, they stop trying...I guess forgetting or neglecting to just persist in the asking.  It's a sad thing really.   Especially for dogs to watch.  Perhaps the secret has to do with having a tail!?  People could learn a lot from dogs.   

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  1. Dogs save us in so many ways. They live life simply and love life whole-heartedly. They are companions for life and if they are is their owner's fault. They will love us and be with us no matter what. What a great blog!