Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bravely GO

It's the getting out there.  The fresh air.  Taking in the sheer beauty of it all.  It's about the climb.  Seeing the world from up there. 
Rain or Shine.  Just go....even if at first, you don't feel like going...Just go, I promise you will feel amazing when you are actually getting somewhere....

                                      Just bravely GO.... Every Single Day....No excuses

                                       And bring your peeple with!  They NEED it TOO!

The road to the top may be long and winding....you may not know where you are going or how long it will take to get there....
yet, sometimes you JUST have to put yourself out there
Taking it ALL in...the smells, the sights, the sheer beauty
The world is so big and we are so small
Time is fleeting
So, GO!
In the woods, you can dare to dream
There are no limits
Your heart will soar...Your soul will thank you
Breathe In...Breathe Out....
Bravely GO
Your bed will feel better.  Sleep will be Deeper.  Heart and Mind, Sharper.
THAT is the Scrappy Truth.
Brave Up and 
Just GO


  1. Oh Scrappy, it is our dream to one day come to Montana and have you show us the best trails! Beautiful photo shoot, we love fall so much. But if we want to go "up" in Chicago, we have to climb the Sears Tower, hahaha

  2. I know WE feel better when we have been OUT and About. THANKS fur the Reminder.

  3. I like that truth! You are so wise!

  4. Scrappy what really lovely words. We bow to you Sage. Nice One! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Very true, my friend! Great pics!

  6. I just LOVE LOVE this! And every word is true true true.
    Thank you.

  7. Very good advice and wonderful pictures.

  8. I'm always ready to go, it's the humans that are sometimes lazy. But we get out more often than not. It's so true that it's so good for me and for them. Mom says they get out hiking much more because of me!

    Beautiful trails!!!

    your pal,

  9. You are very wise Scrappy!

    Bart and Ruby

  10. So nice Scrappy. We will for sure remember those words
    Benny & Lily

  11. Very very good advice today, Scrappy! Thanks, I needed that!

  12. Scrappy!!!! We miss you... Now I'm wondering why in the world my gReader hasn't shown me any updates about you.

    You're in an adventure... did Mr. Mallard come too?

    Dare to dream... I love that.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  13. Hey Scrappy. I'm not sure if you have comment moderation but I distinctly recall sending you a comment.

    Once again, we just want to say we miss you, little brave adventurous little princess.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. Oh Scrappy, you are so right!!! Just go, just do it, just get out there! And aren't we the best at encouring two legged ones to get out and about - She tells me that She wouldn't do half as much walking if it wasn't for my 'gentle encouragment' every morning and evening!

    Lovely photographs, Scrappy - I love the look of those woods!