Friday, July 6, 2012

A Rocky Road

He's a good furiend to me.  A gentle giant who likes to nuzzle my lil nose...He is my ROCKY

He is only 8 and late last fall, sadly he was diagnosed with Lymphoma

We said our goodbyes before he left for warmer weather in Mexico, as we weren't sure he would make it through the winter....

But he came back to Montana in the spring and although he has good days and bad days,
my pal ROCKY is still (thankfully) doing okay!


Cancer is the worst.  It's not welcome in any of our lives, yet it shows up anyway.

It takes our days and brings worry and eats at our goodness one bite at a time.

Cancer is not fair.  It does not discriminate.  None of us are immune from it's ravage.

Not animals, not family, friends, not even children.

All the Whys in the World cannot Answer to Cancer

So ...we have to cherish the days and the moments we have!

Live while the living is good.

Play More

Sleep Less

Spend Time Together

We can't wait for Tomorrow


Time is fleeting

May God Bless those whose road is Rocky

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  1. Good for Rocky - cancer is horrible. We have had our share of it both in our humans and dogs. Rocky is so sweet. We hope he has many more tomorrows with you there in Montana. Please give him a big smoochie from us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Sending lots of good vibes and more days ahead
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a beautiful post! Such wise words indeed. we will keep our fingers and paws crossed for Rocky!

  4. What a great post! I m glad your friend is back with you now. Hope you guys enjoy some good times together!

  5. Brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Beautiful, poignant post. Blessings and hugs to Rocky - and to all who's road is rocky xx

  6. Amen to that one Scrappy. May God truly bless those whose road is rocky.

  7. Scrappy that was beautiful. Give Rocky my best and a nose poke too.

  8. That was a beautiful post. We are sending stubby tail waggins and slobbery licks to you and to Rocky!

  9. I am so glad you got to see your pal Rocky one last time. I haven't personally known any dogs that have cancer but I have knows plenty of humans. It's sad.

  10. Lots of crossed paws for Rocky. Beautiful post

  11. Well done Rocky - excellent news that your buddy (who looks like such a lovely buddy too!) is back. And amen to that - cancer is a horrible, awful, horrendous disease. We need to live each day with gratitude and happiness and love. She tells me every day that I remind her to do that so I see it as my full time job to make sure She doesn't forget all the blessings we have! And you, Scrappy, do an amazing job of reminding us all as well!

    Good luck to Rocky.



  12. This is the most beautifuls post ever because it is from your heart, and the words are sooo true.
    We will keep remembering Rocky in our thoughts and prayers, and so many other furry and humans too who have cancer.
    Your words Time is Fleeting is so true.

  13. Nice one Scrappy and we are so glad Rocky is still Rockin! Send our best.Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Cancer or no cancer, that's excellent advice! Beautiful post :-)

  15. Such a lovely post Scrappy. This sure did make me tear up. I will be keeping Rocky and those like him in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Alright! Rocky is super fine. He is lucky to have parents who care deeply for him that they're willing to transfer to a warmer weather. I'm sorry to hear that he has lymphoma but I am glad he came to visit you.

    Huggies and Cheese with Nuzzles and Kissies,


  17. I'm glad Rocky is still with you. Cancer is not good!

  18. Hey Scrappy,

    So glad your buddy Rocky is hanging in there and especially glad he's back for you to snuggle and play with - give him a big hug for me! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  19. So glad Rocky is back. Your thoughts are well put and meaningful for a very good life NOW. Rock on!

  20. So very sad to hear about the cancer - since almost 50% of dogs will contract cancer in their lifetimes, it's a valuable blog post.

    I am dropping by on the blog hop today to share an inspiring story about a parrot rescue lady in Canada. Watch the video and I know you'll be inspired.

    Have a great rest of the weekend with your fur-kid.

  21. Hi Y'all!

    Thanks for stoppin' to visit me!

    So sorry about your friend Rocky. We'll keep paws crossed here for him too.

    Y'all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  22. Hope Rocky continues to be well.

  23. What a beautiful post. Your furend is very handsome.