Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hunting for the Perfect Tree

It's tradition.  Almost.  On the Friday after giving thanks, we head out into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Over the years, through trail and error, we have the hunt almost down to a science.  Everyone knows exactly the kind of tree we need to find.  It has to be a Douglas Fir.  It has to be at least twelve feet tall, full throughout (with only one scarce spot that will not show against the back) and JUST skinny enough at the bottom to fit just right in the space behind the couch in the living room.  The goal is to out do last year's tree EVERYTIME.

Yesterday, we set out once again on that quest....the hunt for the perfect tree.  I knew something was up at breakfast.  They were all talking about who was going to be the one to spot THE tree this year.  It's a competition... an honor to have YOUR tree end up at home in the coveted spot.  Mom just purchased a new winter coat for me.   When she brought that out, I knew it was time.  We all loaded into the car and headed up the road to our secret spot.  (First rule of hunting is never tell WHERE you find the best ones!) 

The anticipation of the hunt is building for all of us as we make our way up the road.  I can hardly stand it...

It's a beautiful, sunny day...and I am certain that I, the Scrapster, will be the ONE to spot the perfect tree!

C'mon guys, it's this way!  Follow me~

 Right off, we head down a steep embankment.  The youngest one has to pick me up.  The snow is deep. 

Once down the hill, he sets me back down and I am on a mission!

It isn't long.  Dad spots the first one, shakes the snow off the specimen and asks "How about this one?"
", there's too big a hole on the right side of that one!",  Mom says.  I am still in hunting mode.  Those trees ALL look huge from my prospective!  We keep trodding through the snow.  My paws are starting to numb and the snow is starting to ball up in my fur.  Still, it is worth it as I am with my people, in search of the perfect tree. 

Then it happens.  The youngest gets the honor.  He spots the tree from across the field and we trudge through the snow to check it out.  As we close in around the tree, it's obvious to everyone...(including me)...THIS is the one.  The tree that tops them all.  The youngest picks me up in celebration! 

                                                             Down comes the tree!

                                                          It is truly a magical moment. 

                                              I PROMISE... it looks amazing standing up!

                                                    We tag the tree...(it has to be legal)

                    Load it on to the suburban...(this is Montana...have to HAVE four wheel drive!) 

Whoa!  It's as LONG as the car!

Dad turns up the heat.  Mom takes my coat off and I start biting off the snow balls!  They taste pretty good!

Another successful hunt for the perfect tree.

Perhaps when we get it all decked out, I'll post a picture.  Unless you are in competition, I think you might just agree...we brought home the best ever tree!

Let's get decorating!


  1. Oh what an adventure, Scrappy-and we'll be excited to see your tree up and decorated! And belatedly, hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    (And by the way, what a gorgeous coat you have!)

  2. Looks pretty darn perfect to me! Do you help water the tree?

  3. Be sure to share pictures after you decorate it! We can't wait to see!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  4. That's so cool! 12 feet? We pick our tree out at Lowe's and it's already cut and half dried up. :( But it smells yummy. Bet yours does, too.

    Jon Farleigh and Dewi

  5. What a lovely tree! How fun to scout for it together and bring it home so fresh, so willing to give itself to you and your family for Christmas; also love your coat :). The snow looks wonderful!

  6. We are going to get to see your tree really soon! it looks like you had a lot of fun going to get it!

  7. hey Scrappy,

    So nice to meet you! Thanks for sniffing your way over to my blog and pawing a nice comment! I love meeting new friends!

    Christmas tree hunting is such a great family tradition! And what fun! I love your coat, and think it is funny you chewed the snowballs off your fur! Snow. I love snow! None here for me, though. At least not yet. *sigh...

    So happy for the Youngest to have found THE tree this year. And it looks magnificent! I bet he is super excited by that honor! Perhaps next year Scrappy it will be your honor. Paws crossed!


  8. What a perfect perfect day. The tree is beautiful, and we can't wait to see it all decorated.

    How about sending us some of that snow our way.


  9. What a grand tradition your family has...and I know Scrappy that your radar nose can find the best of anything at any time..right! So glad to meet up with you peeps from Montana...would love to visit your state someday...I have relatives in Alberta so not far! Anyway, whenever you want a salty air breather come by my doodle world and no doubt I'll be dancing with the waves at the beach!!Cheerio! Sophie

  10. Scrappy you're starting to look more like a snowball there! All I can say is I'm jealous. Wow! 12 foot Douglas Fir. Great family tradition!

  11. Wow, I cannot wait to see your decorated Christmas tree. And, I just love your coat!!!!

  12. Good job with that tree! Hey, you sure are a cute woofie and you sure came a long way to get to your home!

  13. Scrappy,

    That adventure sounds like SO much fun!! So happy you were able to be part of it!!

    I so can't wait to see it in your house - we don't have an adventure in the snow here for a tree - well, that's because we don't have any snow, plus the tree lives in the garage in a box when it's not in the house.....

    Glad you're having fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  14. Love your hunt for the perfect tree (and we say you can never get the first one you see, it ruins the hunt). Looking forward to seeing that tree decorated! BTW, love that new coat Scrappy!

  15. We used to get those 12 foot trees, (but we have downsized in recent years). They are so beautiful, especially all decorated. Sounds like you had a great time getting it!

  16. Wow that is so cool you got a huge tree!!

    p.s. We love your jacket

    yuki and rocket