Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Blogville to Never Never Land and Back

Many of you wondered what HAPPENED to that Scrappy one!? The Adventurer, The Brave One, The Fiesty One.  Believe me, I have been WONDERING that myself.  Do you remember back to this post?  L.I.F.E.  Yep.  L.I.F.E. happened.  Sometimes real just transpires

                      Still Breathing In...and thankful for the Gift.  L.I.F.E  IS Good!

It's just that APPARENTLY there is still MORE for me to learn, to experience so that perhaps I can pass it on to others....

What L.I.F.E. has taught the Scrapster over the past months is that the Heart is ONE amazing organ.  The Heart can grow, change and adapt. It brings L.I.F.E to one's soul, one's breath, one's very being.  The Heart can mend itself when broken.  Hearts are like treasures of  Gold.

Little by little, day by day over TIME, as it tick tocks away, the Heart reacts ~ resistant to corrosion and most other chemical reactions ~ solid and beautiful at its' very core. 

It has been said that THOSE who have a Heart of Gold are treasured, valued and RARE.

                                                That's something to BE, isn't it?  

My heart the Doc says has grown and changed and enlarged itself.  I like to say that it's because I LOVE too much....and maybe... just maybe....there's a little bit of truth to that. 

While I don't believe it's ever possible to LOVE too much, I will share with you in the posts to come the why of my Growing Golden Heart. 
Meanwhile, stay solid and resistant and true to your core...Ask and Hope to have your heart molded and shaped into one that is truly Golden.  Just Know in your Heart of Hearts that you are indeed valued and treasured. 
 Rare beyond compare. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wiped Out After Sunday Hike

It's tough to get old.
Sunday, the Peeps decided on a leisurely hike.
The Scrapster is always GAME
We climbed for two hours
The views were breathtaking
Fall has arrived in Montana
These September Days are the best
In the woods, we find wonder
faith is restored
Yorkies become Pointers
and find out just how it feels to get old
This was ME ~ totally wiped after our Leisurely Sunday Hike